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Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 12: A papaya comes between Tejaswi and Bhanu’s friendship

Bigg Boss 2 Telugu, episode 12: Bhanu is not careful while throwing papaya peels in the dustbin and Tejaswi, who has just cleaned the kitchen, gets mad at her.

tv Updated: Jun 22, 2018 13:17 IST
HT Correspondent
HT Correspondent
Hindustan Times
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Bigg Boss season 2 Telugu, epsiode 12: Vennela Kishore and Srinivasa Reddy make a special appearance in the house.

Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 2 Telugu begins where they left off the task previously. The king and queen are locked in the prison and the princess’ team is guarding the key. To keep themselves awake, they have Roll Rida sing a song and dance around the key. They are succesful in keeping the key safe and Geetha feels that the efforts put in by the king and queen’s team is just not enough.

The task comes to an end and princess’ team is announced as the winner. Kaushal and Geetha have a discussion about joining the ‘other’ team. Geetha then has a conversation with Tanish about how Kaushal spoke to her about this and she tells Tanish that Tejaswi had already spoken to her about Kaushal supporting the other team. Tejaswi bursts out saying she never spoke to Geetha about Kaushal the entire day. Geetha says Tejaswi might have forgotten, but she remembers the discussion.

By then, a problem about papaya arises in the house. Bhanu, who cut the papaya left the remains on top of the dustbin. Tejaswi, who has a rule that people wouldn’t enter kitchen without informing her, gets angry because she had just cleaned the kitchen and now she had to clean it again. This leads to a heated argument between Bhanu and Tejaswi. Deepthi then stops them to read out the results of the task.

The contestants also decide on the luxury items they need for the week.

Once that is done, Samrat tries to address the issue between Tejaswi and Bhanu, but he is unable to resolve the issue in a satisfactory manner.

Then, housemates are surprised by two special guests in the house - comedians Vennela Kishore and Srinivasa Reddy. Kishore enters the house through the activity room and then introduces Srinivasa, whose film Jamba Lakidi Pamba released recently.

Kishore and Srinivasa entertain the housemates, who are tickled by the duo’s witty comments. Vennela also tells the housemates what people outside the house discussing about Bigg Boss 2 telugu, and audience’s opinion about the members.

Kishore and Srinivasa’s time in the house comes to an end and they are requested to leave through the main entrance. Before leaving, Srinivasa explains that the housemates should speak only in Telugu.

After the guests have left, Nandini tells Dipthi, Shyamala and Geetha about what happened outside of the house in the first week. Then, Bigg Boss takes those contestants to task who have refused to follow the rules of the house. Samrat, the captain, is punished for sleeping during the day instead of stopping other contestants from doing so. Tejaswi, Nutan, Geetha, Tanish, Kaushal and a few others are called out for speaking about nomination process. Sunainaa and Bhanu are strictly warned against closing the mics before speaking. Nandini, Tanish, Geetha and Babu are punished for speaking in English.

The punishment is harsh as Samrat is instructed to dunk in the pool every time an alarm blares in the house. The alarm will ring only when someone speaks in English. The rest of the housemates are asked to keep four candles lit after lights go out, till the next morning. Bigg Boss also tells that at least two members should be near the candles at all times. Samrat’s punishment will last till Bigg Boss’s next update.

After lights go out, Tejaswi, Amit andTanish apologise to Bigg Boss and ask for forgiveness one last time and episode concludes on that note.

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First Published: Jun 22, 2018 13:04 IST