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Castle showrunner David Amann interview: Piracy is a tribute, TV is better than movies

Interview with the writer-director-executive producer and current showrunner of the hit TV series Castle, starring Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic. Castle airs on Star World Premiere.

tv Updated: Feb 27, 2015 16:16 IST
Rohan Naahar
Rohan Naahar
Hindustan Times
Castle,David Amann,Nathan Fillion

David Amann is a writer for Castle. He has also served as Executive Producer since 2010, from the beginning of Season 3 to present. In 2014, Amann was made the showrunner for Castle, beginning in Season 7.

Castle is currently airing its 7th season on Star World Premiere.

Earlier this week, we conducted a telephonic interview with Amann where he spoke about the shows's ongoing season, the growing change in the current television landscape and how he considers piracy a tribute.

Q - You killed off two good villains this season: Tyson and Nieman. Will they stay dead ?

A - It would certainly appear that they're both dead but, we've assumed in the past that Tyson is dead and he hasn't been so I guess it's not possible to say for sure. Castle and Beckett believe he's dead. I'll leave it at that.

Q - Was it always part of the plan to bring Castle back to 12th precinct?

A - Ummm, yes, it was. In the previous seasons' episodes once we had arranged for all of Tyson's evidence to disappear we thought it would be really interesting and fun to bring Tyson into the 12th precinct and to have him really confront Castle and Beckett directly in a way that he hadn't before as a character. There would be a situation of not being able to prove that he is Tyson. Once we realized we had that opportunity we thought it was something we wanted to take advantage of.

Q - So what does this mean for his PI career?

A - I think that the PI career was driven mainly by his desire to work with Beckett and to find a way to do that and now that he's back in 12th precinct, I think his interest in being a PI is somewhat less. I think that looking forward, we can expect to see a return to Castle working with Beckett in 12th precinct.

Q - We get the show here on Star World Premiere and they air it pretty soon after the original US airing. How badly do you feel has piracy affected the industry at large?

A - I don't really know the answer to that. Certainly there are a few aspects of it. One is that it affects us financially and that is more of a studio matter. The episodes would sometimes get leaked and there are spoilers online. That sometimes affects us in the sense that word gets around what's in the episode. I also think that people who are fans of the show want to see it regardless of what they may have heard about it. The other issue, which is, piracy and the episodes being sold illegally online it's really more of a matter for ABC Studios and I'm sure there's a financial impact to that but it's not something that affects us directly... (continues after short pause)... and I would also say on some level, you know, if the show is being pirated or shown around its something of a tribute to the show that people are interested in seeing it so there's that aspect to it as well.

Q - So now we have things like streaming and Netflix and Amazon entering the game. Do you feel there might be a chance that this completely changes the environment in the future of how we watch TV or will the traditional format still survive?

A - It's all changing and I'm not sure if anyone knows what it's all going to lead to, certainly not me, but I think for the time being it just means that there's a greater number of outlets and a greater quantity of television and hopefully that's good for the viewer because they have more choice. I think that it will ultimately kinda change the face of network television. The idea of network, cable and streaming videos being separate entities, I feel like that's probably going to go away at a certain point in time because everything is going to come to the same screen. But I also think that, as I've said, it's good for the viewers because I think they're going to have choice into what kind of show they want to watch.

Q - So one more question about Castle; now that Castle and Beckett are married do you feel their relationship is going to change and is the dynamic between them going to be completely different?

A - I think that it has already changed. I think that poor Castle spent a lot of his energy trying to win Beckett over and now they're married so a lot of that struggle has now gone by. But having said that, I think that they're now in two different phases to their relationship and relationships don't stop being interesting just because people get married and I think that's been our discovery as we've been writing this show. So I think that the characters and their relationships have evolved over time and we hope to continue to bring fun and sparkle to that relationship as it evolves moving forward

Q - I have one last question for you, how would you define the current TV revolution or the golden age as some are calling it? Do you have any other favourite shows that we should keep an eye out for?

A - Yes! I do have some. And look, I think it's an incredible time for television and I feel to be a writer during this time is a real privilege. The best writing that's being done is being done on television, not so much movies anymore. I personally... there's BBC show called Orphan Black which I'm a huge fan of; I like The Americans a lot, I like Banshee, a guilty pleasure, The Goldbergs, which is an ABC comedy, Modern Family also. I don't have a lot of time to watch tons and tons of television but there are a number of shows that I stand for and I appreciate very much. And also Masters of Sex, which is great.

About the series:
Bored with his success, celebrated mystery novelist Rick Castle teams with NYPD Detective Kate Beckett to solve the case of a copycat killer who re-creates murder scenes from Rick's novels. While solving the case, the two realize that their unorthodox partnership has its benefits and decide to continue working together. Combining his writer's intuition with her creative detective work, they investigate strange homicides in New York, all the while building a strong, if complicated, relationship with each other.

First Published: Feb 24, 2015 16:14 IST