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I feel sorry for Ichcha: Sparsh

Sparsh, a middle-class girl from Ulhasnagar, near Mumbai, who's playing the lead role of Ichcha in Uttaran says she feels sorry for the character she plays.
IANS | By Subhash K. Jha, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 05, 2009 06:32 PM IST

She may not get to do things children her age usually do, like playing with friends every evening, but little Sparsh, who plays a poor kid from the slums in daily soap Uttaran, doesn't mind doing her homework on the sets and napping between shots.

"Why should I? I do everything I want to. I go to school in the mornings. Then shooting takes place in the afternoon. I go to sleep in the car and wake up only when I reach my shoot," Sparsh told IANS.

And the eight-year-old loves all the attention she gets at school, thanks to the serial that airs on Colors channel.

"My friends in school call me Ichcha or Hichki (her two names in the serial). Between school and the sets, I don't get tired because there's enough time to do everything. I do my homework on the sets and take naps between shots. I eat and do masti. In between shots I play with Ishita (her friend in the daily soap)," she said.

Sparsh is a middle-class girl from Ulhasnagar, near Mumbai, who has suddenly been catapulted to fame. But she admits she feels sorry for the character she plays - a girl from the slums who tries hard to be happy with the hand-me-down dresses of the more privileged children.

"I think about the little girl Ichcha, who has none of the things I have. I put myself in her place and then I just do what I have to. Yes, I do feel sorry for Ichcha. But she's got a loving mama, just like me," said Sparsh.

Asked where she learnt acting, she replied confidently: "Kahin bhi nahin (from nowhere). I just know what to do and say."

"Do you really like my performance? I've done another serial Mera Sasural where I played the role of the heroine's child, and I play Suniel Shetty uncle's daughter in the film Red Alert."

So is acting in her genes?

Said her mother Sarita: "I really don't know where she got the talent from. Because we don't have any other actor in our family."

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