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‘I want Marzi to win’

Shiamak Davar makes special appearance for his student Marzi on DID Doubles.
Hindustan Times | By Rachana Dubey, Mumbai
UPDATED ON MAR 04, 2011 03:35 PM IST

It’s funny, but Mithun (Chakraborthy) and I tease Marzi on almost the same topics. For one, Mithun takes his case on the fact that he can’t pronounce anything starting with the alphabet ‘r’ correctly. If he has to say roll, it sounds like loll,” laughs Shiamak Davar, who has mentored Marzi, a mentor on the TV show DID Doubles. “He’s too sweet, and doesn’t take anything to his heart. Even at our dance school, we call him by so many funny names like Marzipan Pastonjee. But he plays along, and that’s one of the nicest qualities that Marzi possesses. It will take him far.”

Davar, who recorded a special dance performance for his student on Monday, has been closely observing his choreography on the show. “Marzi’s work makes me proud. And honestly, it’s not the first time that I’ve seen it. He’s one of my brightest students. But the moves I’ve seen from his team on the show are phenomenal. And now, I want Marzi to win,” he beams.

The dance-guru was asked to discreetly rehearse and present a performance on one of his student’s favourite songs on the show that airs on Fridays and Saturdays.

“Since we work together almost every day, it was difficult to sneak out in the nights and rehearse for the act without letting him know. On the day of the shoot, he was surprised to see me on the sets, but he thought that I’d just dropped by to say hello,” recalls Davar.

“He was ushered on to the studio floor blind-folded. When the stage was revealed to him, his mouth was left wide open because he saw me dancing in front of him, on a song that he perennially listens to and hums.”

Surprise visit
The choreographer known for his contemporary style of dancing says that the plan had been made a month ago. “Initially, I wasn’t supposed to be dancing. I just had to pay a surprise visit. But once the team from the channel and I got talking, we decided to have a dance-act to encourage Marzi because he’s never been on such a huge platform shouldering immense amount of responsibility,” says Davar. “When I hear his comments on the acts, I feel he’s bang on because he doesn’t miss to point out missing nuances and little mistakes. And when he praises, he knows how generous he needs to be.”

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