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A guest on Rakhi Sawant’s show dies of depression after she calls him impotent on TV. While Rakhi remained unavailable for comments, he manager said...

tv Updated: Nov 13, 2010 02:28 IST

Provocative reality TV shows which delve into people’s lives must be regulated, industry experts said today, after the death of a show participant, allegedly from depression caused by his being called "impotent" on the show Rakhi Ka Insaaf.

"Rakhi Sawant caused my son’s death,’ the mother of 25-year-old Laxman Prasad said yesterday. Prasad appeared on the show, where host Rakhi Sawant passes judgment on domestic disputes, five weeks ago.

"My son was so upset when Rakhi called him impotent on the show while trying to sort out the dispute between him and his wife. Upset over her remarks, my son went into acute depression and even stopped eating," said Savitri Ahirwal. "He gradually became weak and frail and ultimately died. No one other than Rakhi Sawant is responsible for the untimely death of my son." The family plans to take legal action against Sawant and the show.

RakhiRakhi Sawant was unavailable for comment despite repeated attempts to contact her. Her manager Manoj Karnavar, said, "She is not issuing any clarification." UTV refused to give an official statement but an official from the production house, who requested anonymity, said, "We feel sorry on Prasad’s sad demise. But holding UTV responsible for the same is unfair. He appeared on the second episode that was shot four-five weeks ago. If something was wrong they the family should have come up then. Also we have enquired from the hospital that he has died a natural death because he was unwell."

Industry expert Prahlad Kakkar says, "It’s not the concept of the show that is at fault, but we need to have a regulatory body to monitor the degrading standards on the small screen. This b***** show should just be taken off air."

Rashmi Vaidilingam, a Delhi-based lawyer, says, “Rakhi Sawant, who has no basic knowledge of judicial system, should not have shouldered such a responsibility.”

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First Published: Nov 12, 2010 16:22 IST