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He has gained popularity as the investigative cop on TV series CID. Catch actorSivaji Satam in a chat with Anil Merani.

tv Updated: Aug 04, 2007 20:39 IST
Anmil Merani
Anmil Merani
Hindustan Times

Sivaji Satam on CID's new season and his favourite characters.. interviewed by Anil Merani.

What's different about CID Most Wanted?
As the name suggests, this new season will see the old CID team deal with hardened criminals.
The bad guys will be smarter and deadlier and so our team will have to spruce up to nab them. In a bid to spice up the show, we're also joined by TV's big baddie Shahbaaz Khan as the main villain.

Why the change though? Were the TRPs dipping? <b1>
No, if the TRPs were a problem, we would have known. It's simply because you've got to move on and keep reinventing yourself. That's how we've kept CID going for nearly a decade.

Sometime back, the producers attempted something new with CID Special Bureau, but it bombed.. why do you think that happened?
Yes, we tried to show something different but it didn't work. Probably because the audience is unwilling to accept anything other than the core CID team.

How has CID survived all these years?
It hasn't been easy mainly because , there's no saas-bahu drama in it. I think it works because everyone loves a good mystery and solving puzzles. But the moment our viewers start getting bored, we'll have to shut shop.

Your character, ACP Pradyuman, is always in disagreement with the chief forensic doctor.. isn't that uncalled for?
Not at all. These emotions are what give a character flesh and blood, and help the audience connect with them.

The differences between Pradyuman and the doctor (played by Mona Ambegaonkar and Shweta Kawatra) made the drama more intense.

Among the entire CID team, who is ACP Pradyuman most closest to?
It's true that the ACP loves and trusts his entire team, but he is particularly close to Daya and Abhijeet.

Isn't CID playing up to its male audience?
I don't think so. Our fan following cuts across age and sex.

Why aren't you doing anything else besides CID?
You can't expect me to work 30 days in a month! I need time for my family and friends as well.

Has some of your character has rubbed off on you in real life too?
No, thank goodness, for that would have spelt trouble for my near and dear ones. I know exactly when to switch on and switch off.

First Published: Aug 04, 2007 19:55 IST