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Telly stars gettin' penny-wise!

Like producers, actors too are treading with caution. Ones with no shows in hand have to be wise. A few actors speak about how they are managing money in crisis...
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UPDATED ON MAY 25, 2009 08:23 PM IST

Global warming is fine but the world has been sweating with the global financial meltdown. The markets world over have taken a beating with stocks drying up. The impact as usual has been loss of jobs as most companies have opted for stringent cost cutting measures.

The Indian entertainment industry too is speaking the same language with even the superstars willing to cut down on their rates. Our TV industry has suffered a lot as it was first hit by the strike and then recession only added insult to injury. Producers are no longer wooing expensive stars but rookie actors have become the order of the day. Many production houses have off loaded surplus labour.

Like producers, actors too are treading with caution. Ones with no shows in hand have to be wise and save every penny. A few actors on how they are going about managing their money...

Kashmira Irani
Current employment status: Jobless since Amber Dhara

I love shopping but I do most of my shopping in Singapore. And, most of the time it’s my air-hostess sister who buys stuff for me. When it comes to my money, I’ve limited my shopping to twice in a month. I last bought 2 tops worth Rs.1500. Among other things, I’ve reduced eating out. Earlier, I used to dine out daily but now I only go out for 14-15 days.

Gaurav Gera
Current employment status: Ended his hiatus after taking up a Sony comedy show

I’ve never been a spendthrift so, I’m not really affected by the recession. I don’t lead a luxurious life. The only thing that I’ve curbed during this period is my stock investments. One shouldn’t panic and let this tide pass. I’m wise when it comes to money. My advice to all spendthrifts during this period is if they can’t change then they must look for more work. Work more so that you can spend more. Those who can’t handle this situation should consult me.

Sulagna Panigrahi
Current employment status: Jobless since Amber Dhara

Despite sitting at home, I was getting paid as my contract ran for two years but Amber Dhara went off air in its first year. So, I’m not really bothered by recession. I don’t spent money on salons or dermatologists. I like looking natural thus there’s no need for me to spend money on hair straightening or on beauty skin products. As it is I don’t shop much in Mumbai as it’s very expensive here. I do most of my shopping in Delhi. The stuff that you get in a Delhi shop will not be available in the entire Mumbai market. Not to forget that it’s cheap in Delhi. In this regard, I’m saving money. Plus I don’t have an AC and so my electricity bill doesn’t shoot the sky. Apart from that, there’s not much change in my lifestyle. I continue to go out for dinners and movies.

Jaspal Bhatti
Current employment status: Jobless since SAB show Dhabha Junction

As you’re aware I’ve been jobless for a long time and to overcome our joblessness I formed my Recession Party. Unfortunately, the election commission barred us from contesting.

On a personal level, I’ve curbed down on my first and business class air travel. However, that has its advantages. Sitting in economy class enables you to speak to fellow passengers who always provide you with wise ideas. However, this time we had to cut down on our family vacation.

Nazneen Patel
Current employment status: No well paid job since Main Aisi Kyun Hoon went off air

Despite no good offer in hand, I’ve managed to survive this period. As one with middle class roots, I’ve always been wise when it comes to spending money. I exercise at home, do my own make-up. Thus, it’s no gym or beauty salons for me. In these recessionary times, I’m saving money this way.

Mehul Kajaria
Current employment status: (Jobless since Babul ka aangann chootey naa)

Ideally, during recession, one ought to cut on their travel expenses but I’m in my hometown (Kolkata) to attend my cousin’s wedding. But coming here also has its advantages. Goods are cheap in Kolkata. You get good quality clothing at a much cheaper price. Today, I bought few clothes and if I were to buy them from Mumbai, it would have cost me minimum Rs. 10,000. Here I’ve got them for less than 5K.

I’ve cut down on unnecessary purchases of perfumes, shoes. At home, I save electricity by switching of AC/fans when not needed. Also, we don’t keep the light on when the sun shines in the room.

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