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Justin Bieber is still not safe from Dana Martin, who hatched the bizarre plot to kidnap and castrate the singer for $2,500 per testicle.

world Updated: Mar 23, 2013 02:42 IST
Hindustan Times

Man who plotted to kidnap Bieber still threatening him
New York: Justin Bieber is still not safe from Dana Martin, who hatched the bizarre plot to kidnap and castrate the singer for $2,500 per testicle.

Martin has said in a jailhouse interview that he hasn?t given up on his diabolical obsessions, the New York Post reported.

According to sources, the nut job has been moved to solitary confinement while his ongoing threats are investigated. Martin, who's serving life for murder, recruited outside accomplices for his plot, explained of his Bieber hang-up to Details Magazine, saying that he got angry because the Canadian singer changed.

Megavolcanoes led to pre-dinosaur mass extinction
Washington: Scientists believe that a set of gigantic volcanic might have eruptions resulted in the disappearance of half of earth's species 200 million years ago.

The eruptions may have caused climate changes so sudden that many creatures were unable to adaptpossibly on a pace similar to that of human-influenced climate warming on Friday, they said.

The extinction opened the way for dinosaurs to evolve and dominate the planet for the next 135 million years, before they, too, were wiped out in a later planetary cataclysm Lead researcher Terrence Blackburn (then at MIT; now at the Carnegie Institution) used the decay of uranium isotopes to pull exact dates from basalt, a rock left by eruptions.

Men biologically wired not to cheat with pals' wives
Washington: Men may be biologically designed to avoid adultery with their friends' wives, new research has found. University of Missouri researchers found men may have a natural aversion to amorous attractions to the wife next door.

The study found adult males' testosterone levels dropped when they were interacting with the marital partner of a close friend. Understanding the biological mechanisms that keep men from constantly competing for each others' wives may shed light on how people manage to cooperate on levels of neighbourhoods.

10 million Indians want to move to US, says poll
Washington: More than 100 million people from across the world, including 10 million from India, would like to move permanently to the US, which remains the most popular global destination, according to a latest opinion poll.

Potential migrants who would like to move to the US are logically the most likely to come from some of the most populous countries in the world, the Gallup poll said. The poll said that 19 million Chinese would like to move to the US, followed by 13 million from Nigeria, 10 million from India and six million from Brazil and Bangladesh.

First Published: Mar 23, 2013 01:35 IST