Lose it like Aamir: His Dangal body transformation in 5 easy steps

  • Sweta Kaushal, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 19, 2016 12:14 IST
Aamir lost a lot of weight to play his character in Dangal. (HT Photo)

Aamir Khan has lost and gained weight for his upcoming film, Dangal. After putting on so much weight that he found hard to bend, the Bollywood actor lost 15 kgs in matter of weeks. While in Ludhiana, the actor, his wrestling coach Kripashankar and other wrestlers revealed to us how Aamir did it.

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Here are the top five tips to make sure you lose weight fast and stay healthy, just like Aamir Khan.

1. Burn more calories than you take.

Aamir says he followed the old formulae of calorie count while working on his body for Dangal. “Just make sure you exercise to burn double the calories that you eat,” he says.

2. You need a balance of exercise, diet and rest to ensure a good muscle build-up. “While working on your weight, diet gets 50% weightage while exercise comprises 30% and 20% weightage is given to rest. Only that balance will give you desired results and yet keep you healthy,” says Aamir.

3. While Aamir went on an all out non-vegetarian diet for the weight gain, he ditched the meat and went all vegetarian when he had to lose almost 30kg for the second leg of Dangal shooting.

4. Keep a track of your vital stats. Aamir says his doctors monitored his vital stats every two weeks to ensure the drastic weight changes didn’t affect his health.

The set for Dangal was all charged up when we visited it. (HT Photo)

5. And the best part is a nutrient breakdown of your diet - 20% healthy fat, 50% carbs and

40% protein is what Aamir recommends.

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