Hot not: Fashion blunders all men must avoid in 2016

  • Abhinav Verma, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jan 04, 2016 15:59 IST
There are better ways to show your quirky side than ­wearing lame ­slogan tees. (Pinterest)

Guys, start the New Year on a style high note, with the resolution, “Thou shall look sleek and suave this year”. We got in touch with the fashion frat and got their expertise on what style mistakes you should be wary of this year.

Get rid of your skinnies and crotch pants right away. There are better ways to show your quirky side than ­wearing lame ­slogan tees and it’s time to give your pop-coloured shoes a break. Here’s what our experts have to say:

1 No flashing boxers

I think men need to stop wearing low rise jeans with their boxers sticking out for the whole world to see, it is extremely unclassy. Also, men wearing plain waistcoats and going for the whole dandy look is passé. Try adding colour to your waistcoat if you still want to wear one. —Rina Dhaka, designer


2 Chuck the no-beltlook

Ditch the no-belt-on-jeans look this year. Without a classy belt to hold your jeans or your pants, your look is ­incomplete. Keep it classy by going for a simple, slick black or brown leather belt without ­buckles. —Anupama Dayal, designer

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3 The end of crotch pants

I am going to start with crotch pants because they are just a strict no-no. Men also need to stop wearing alice bands on their hair as it’s just tacky. Guys can also do without ­wearing gold chains and rings, the whole bling bling thing should be a thing of the past now. —Poonam Bhagat, designer


4 Unfold the fold

Guys need to stop folding their jeans from bottom as it looks very unflattering. Torn jeans on the other hand looks bit too messy. When it comes to jeans, remember simplicity is intricacy. Just opt for regular fits or slim fits. —Vikram Seth, stylist

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5 Embroidered are passe

Chuck the embroidered tuxedos and shirts as they are just too loud. Also, avoid wearing skinny jeans as it gives the impression that you have matchstick thin legs. It gives you a ­disproportionate look. —Anand Bushan, designer


6 Choose thy slogan wisely

Guys need to think twice before they decide to go buy slogan tees as some of the slogans tend to be a bit lame and insensitive. —Nida Mahmood, designer

7 Pop goes out of the window

I think it’s those pop-coloured sneakers and shoes which need to disappear this year. Men should opt for the slick espadrilles and Chelsea boots in neutral colours. Also, it’s time to move on from hats. —Nikhil Mehra, designer

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