How to stay hooked onto the fitness regime

  • Zofeen Maqsood, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jan 24, 2015 10:17 IST

It’s the usual story, every year just before the countdown to a new year begins, many of us promise ourselves to undo the damage caused by a little too many pies and late-night binges while bidding good bye to the year that was. But interestingly a majority of those promises last only as long as the nip in the air.

According to a recent Nielson survey, health and fitness were the top priorities for a majority of the US population in 2015, with about 37 percent of the polling population pledging to stay fit.

Closer home, another survey by UC browser, an Indian mobile browser service, reveals that while losing weight was one of the top resolutions for 2015, among a sample size of 4,500 respondents across India, 50 percent break their resolution in less than a week. So if, you too are beginning to buckle under the pressure, fitness experts suggest, reinventing your workout sessions to ensure not just quicker results but a newer zeal towards your goal.

Neeraj Sharma, fitness expert and human biomechanics specialist, says, "There has been a change in the stereotype thinking about exercising. People are finally able to understand that exercising is more than just bodybuilding. Joining a boutique fitness studio is the new trend."

No wonder, more people are looking for fitness ideas beyond the boring treks and equipments. Tushar Vashisht of HealthifyMe a mobile health app says, "Technology has also played a key role in bringing newer ideas to people. It’s now possible to discover nutrition and fitness ideas best suited for your lifestyle, with just a tap on your phone." Experts say that new activity based exercise trends will gain popularity in 2015.

Kettlebell Yoga

This technique is performed with an iron ball that has an attached handle. Fitness expert Bindiya Bhandari says, "Seen as a new quick way to lose fat, it increases strength, agility and cardio endurance." The best thing is that with one instrument you can target every area of your body.

The U-shaped handle, differs from the normal dumbell as it changes the impact of weight training on your system. Once you get the hang of it, there are fun moves you can perform such as kettlebell swings to make it entertaining.

Where: Battle of Bulges, Malviya Nagar

Charges: Rs 6,000 for 12 classes

Boot Camp

This extreme form of exercise can be fun when performed in a group. Members get motivated seeing each other’s fitness journeys. It is usually a cardio and strength training exercise performed preferably outdoors and can include stretching, running followed by push-ups, sit-ups, boxing etc.

Where: You can set your own Boot Camp with a group of people you may meet in the park


Carried out with a ball in the shape of half a hemisphere, the movements enhance core strength and balance while helping in building muscles. There are more than 40 exercises, which can be done with BOSU including planks, abs, arms, legs, back and cardio.

Where: Reebok fitness club across city.

Charges: Rs 5,00 for a session


If you are in mood to get in shape, but the gym environment and those monotonous moves on treadmill are beginning to bore you, you can look at Soca. A revolutionary form of dance work out, Soca originated in Trinidad and Tobago and is popular in the Carribean. It harnesses vigorous dance moves into a cardio workout, while focusing on shaking the hips. It is ideal for those with a tendency to gain weight on the hips and thighs.

Where: Six Senses health club, Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort, Greater Noida

Charges: Rs 35,000 for 3 months.

Yukt Yoga

Yukt Yoga emphasises meditative focus rather than rigid adherence to achieve internal balance. Movements are fluid, the posture is soft and breathing is deep. While practising Yukt Yoga, the energy centres (chakras) receive and store fresh energy.

Where: You can learn it from a DVD titled Namaste, available at for $20


This form of exercise is to enhance performance and for re-conditioning of the body. A large rubber tube weighing between 8.8 and 44 pounds is used to get into shape. There can be some whopping 9,000 potential moves in which the ViPR is carried, tilted, dragged, thrown, flipped, dipped, swung and rolled. It also improves balance, agility and cardio fitness.

Where: At all Anytime Fitness gyms in the city.

Charges: Rs 18,000 per annum

WUNDA chair plates

The idea of plopping on a comfy chair may seem alien in a gym but this form, involves a spacious chair with a padded top and a pedal that can be used for balancing and strengthening exercises and to perform various exercises while sitting, standing or even while lying down.

Where: Anytime Fitness gyms

Charges: Rs 1,000 onwards for a month


Wooden planks or benches can be used for abdomen exercises.

Water bottles can be used as dumbbells

Bags can be used for dead lifts

Books can be used for doing L-sits

(Inputs from Chirag Sethi, Fitness expert)

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