Bigg Boss 9: Priya fights with Prince, Mandana and Rochelle

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  • Updated: Jan 06, 2016 07:50 IST
Priya Malik and Prince Narula inside Bigg Boss 9 house. (Colors)

If there is one person inside Bigg Boss 9 house who has fought with one and all, it is one of the wild card entries, Priya Malik. Tuesday’s episode begins with Rochelle and Mandana apologising to Priya but she is not ready to bury the hatchet yet. Surprisingly, Prince takes Mandana’s side and asks Priya to accept her apology, saying that he is certain that Priya has also been mean to people in the past. This irks Priya and she doesn’t let it slide. Even Keith agrees and tells Prince that there is no reason he should fight for Mandana.

Priya accuses Prince of being arrogant and Prince retorts by calling her a ‘baby’. (Colors)

Priya and Prince get into yet another fight on Tuesday when Prince teases her and says she should make at least one friend during her stint inside the house. Priya then accuses Prince of being arrogant and Prince retorts by calling her a ‘baby’. That sets off Priya and she starts accusing Prince of taking advantage of Yuvika and Nora in the game. Priya tells Prince, “Tum apne aapko sher kehte ho aur tumne kabhi individual game nahi khela. Gidad humesha jhund mein rehte hain.”

Later in the day, Bigg Boss announces the first task of the ‘Road to Finale’ week. Keith is the moderator while other housemates are provided with funnels full of 400 kgs of sand which they have to prevent from falling out the funnel and save till the end of the task. The housemates are allowed to attack others and displace their funnels with the help of a lever placed at the bottom of it. The three housemates who will have maximum sand left in their containers by the end of the task will move to the next level of the game.

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Mandana becomes the first target and everyone attacks her funnel, and in response, Mandana breaks Rochelle’s lever, blaming Rishabh for it. Kishwer tells Mandana that other housemates do not consider her as a competition but believe that she does not deserve to win the show. Rishabh, too chips in, and adds that it was a stupid decision that he supported Mandana.

Mandana trying to keep the sand from falling. (Colors)

Priya is the next target and the housemates pounce on her. She tells Prince and the rest of the housemates to play individually rather than making groups. Priya even twists Mandana’s hand and Mandana complains that Priya is getting violent. Soon enough, Priya does the same trick with Rochelle and even Rochelle cries out for help.

When the task for the day ends, both Priya and Rochelle talk to Bigg Boss about their injuries. Kishwer tells Mandana that the game is not over yet and she will not leave any opportunity to harm her further.

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Later, Priya asks Rishabh if he ever thought she was being violent in any way. She tells him that she would only attack nominated contestants the next day so that she gets saved from being ousted. When they join the rest, the other housemates taunt Priya for groupism with Rishabh. Priya and Prince get into an argument when he sees that the next day will have Priya see the real Prince. The day draws to an end with Rochelle trying to strategise with Rishabh.

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