Sun’s transit in Sagittarius: Predictions for your zodiac sign

ByNeeraj Dhankher
Dec 15, 2022 12:58 PM IST

Sun will be transiting from Scorpio to Sagittarius on December 16, 2022. Let us see how this transit will impact your respective zodiac sign.

Sun will be transiting from Scorpio to Sagittarius on December 16, 2022. This position of Sun is considered very auspicious in Hindu culture as it marks the beginning of Dhanur Maas – a month when auspicious festivals and activities can be performed. Let us see how this transit will impact your respective zodiac sign.

Let us see how this transit will impact your respective zodiac sign.
Let us see how this transit will impact your respective zodiac sign.

Aries: This is the right time to showcase your potential. Since you have strong communication skills and an astute mind, you'll be able to steer any situation in the direction of your choosing. A new job offer can come your way if you are seeking a new position or role. Nonetheless, in order to keep things steady, you need to exercise self-control over your aggression. Those looking to study abroad will be successful.

Taurus: This is the time to stay cautious and not take too many risks. Introspect about where you are heading in life and make plans for the future. You should be careful while making any investments related to the property or land as unexpected financial loss is indicated. The health of your parents can cause concern hence take adequate precautions. On the health front, you can face eye infections hence be on your guard.

Gemini: Your relationships are likely to remain your primary area of concern. Spend some time with your partner to resolve any pending issues. On the professional front, you can receive recognition for the successful completion of any project or task. As a result, your seniors will be favourable disposed towards you. Your father can expect gains from investments. Your in-laws may need you to spend some time with them and may require your support.

Cancer: This is a favourable time for those in the service industry. You will excel in your work and there are strong indications of receiving a promotion. Those of you preparing for any competitive exam or project will emerge successful. This is a good time to apply for a loan for purchasing property or vehicle. If you are undergoing any legal dispute than expect the result to come in your favour. Plan a short travel to rejuvenate.

Leo: This is the time to dig deeper into your creative side and come up with innovative solutions and ideas. If single, you are likely to meet someone special who will be in your life in the long term. Working professionals must aspire for a senior role and communicate their aspiration with their bosses. Students will witness a particularly favourable time and will shine in their academic pursuits. Business will flourish and it is a favourable time to expand.

Virgo: Your leadership and administrative skills will get enhanced in this period. You may get handed over any leadership role at the workplace which will augur well for your career. However, domestic life could be troublesome as you may not be able to focus on your happiness and give less time to your family and friends. Those of you involved in abroad business or job will prosper. Plan to undertake a leisure trip abroad.

Libra: This is a favourable time to make new contacts which can help you advance in your career. Work on your communication skills and use multiple online and digital platforms to find relevant growth opportunities. Those who are single can expect to make progress in their personal life and can tie the knot soon. You could undertake professional trips which will turn out to be productive. Seek your father’s blessings and advice before making any investment.

Scorpio: This is an extremely auspicious period as far as your career is concerned. You are likely to be vested with additional responsibility which will propel your career. This is also the right time to consider investing in long-term avenues as they will suit you. On the flip side, your work overload can cause some resentment in the family as you may end up saying some harsh words which may not go down well with your relatives.

Sagittarius: This is the time to stay confident and prepare to take things head-on. You will be full of courage and will be inclined to take some risks in your career like accepting a new job offer or moving to a completely new role. This can be a rather moderate period for your love life as your partner may be resentful of your decisions. Make sure to clear the air and sort out things between the two of you. Students will perform par excellence.

Capricorn: Let your imagination go wild and think about your dream world. You are likely to remain thoughtful and may prefer spending time alone. Make sure you communicate this appropriately with your loved ones else they may misunderstand your intentions. Do not ignore health issues and attend to any sign of discomfort. Connecting yourself with charitable causes will give peace of mind. Avoid making unnecessary expenses.

Aquarius: You would be a highly ambitious individual and expectations will be high too. You may have good gains through partnership and business. Meeting influential people will pay you rich dividends. Professionally, you will grow and get the perk of all the hard work you have done in the last few months. Your love life will blossom and your partner will remain supportive. Those who are married can plan to extend their family.

Pisces: Be prepared to take on additional work and responsibilities. Your career is shaping up well and new growth opportunities are likely to come up. Your seniors will be mighty impressed by your dedication and will recommend you for a higher position. Students aspiring for a government job can find success at this time. Your father will remain supportive and will guide you to take important decisions. Love life will remain moderate.


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