Weekly Horoscope: Check Astrological prediction from 12th to 18th September, '22

ByNeeraj Dhankher
Sep 11, 2022 09:02 PM IST

Bejan Daruwala's son Chirag Daruwala writes down weekly horoscope predictions on HindustanTimes.com. Find out what the planets have predicted for these signs from 12th to 18th September, 2022.

Aries Ganesha says the mind can be influenced by good and progressive thoughts. Put your mind into some creative work. Politicians will have a stronger hold on governance. The mind will be confused about taking important decisions. With the support of your mother, your side of the family can remain strong. The ongoing efforts in education competitions will be fruitful. Some new successes will be achieved by hard work. Control anger this week. Job environment may remain a bit uninteresting for state employees. Good opportunities for profit can keep the mind happy this week. The possibility of progress in the economic field can increase.

Horoscope This week: Astrological prediction from 12th September to 15th September, 2022.
Horoscope This week: Astrological prediction from 12th September to 15th September, 2022.

Taurus Ganesha says relations with high-level people can be made this week. Some worries will bother you. There may be accidental travel for a career. Heart-touching old incidents can have an effect on the head. You can try to solve the pending tasks this week. One should not feel bad about the words of family members. There may be expenses in fulfilling family responsibilities. This week you may remain worried about the collection of material comforts. There will be busyness for government employees. The mind can remain disturbed due to the ill health of someone at home. Fear of economic imbalance due to disproportionate expenditure can be disturbing.

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Gemini Ganesha says speaking everything in a rude way would be harmful. The mind can be prepared to face difficult problems with full enthusiasm. If you stop criticizing others, then you will get good benefits from close relationships. Despite everything being normal, there can be a feeling of disinterest in the mind. Your mind may be affected by good aspirations this week. New circumstances will bring new talent. Staying away from home for some important work will be unpleasant for you. Spiritual feelings can affect the mind this week. Students will have a good time. Be careful while traveling this week. Quit laziness in important tasks.

Cancer Ganesha says with struggle, there will be new successes. An anxious mind will be concentrated on praying to God. Progress is possible through efficiency. Some odd situations will become a hindrance in the workplace. Students should not be careless in education. Reputation will increase due to any religious work. There may be slight tension in the house. This week, there will be worry due to not getting the desired result in spite of hard work. May this week be full of happiness and enthusiasm. This week you will be able to make your plans come true. Popularity and dominance may increase in the employed. There will be an increase in the intensity of love relationships.

Leo Ganesha says having faith in yourself, prove your worth by showcasing your talents in the field. You can try for some important work. Any important work that has been stuck for a long time can be solved. May be happy that some planned efforts are fruitful. The mind thinking about morals and immoral will be unable to keep pace with the physical environment this week. Beware of secret enemies. New business relations will intensify this week. You can get the benefit of government power. Will be popular with creative works. You will get the support of elders. The job environment will be pleasant.

Virgo Ganesha says everything may not be in your favor, so you have to act wisely in every situation. If you become a little expressive then you can get success soon. On one hand, there will be a pleasant situation in the family, while someone's ill health will hurt the environment. There will be a busy time for government employees. This week you will have to work hard to accomplish some important work. There may be favorable situation in the workplace. Your talent will shine in employment. This week, there may be a feeling of dissatisfaction due to not getting the desired success in the endeavor areas.

Libra Ganesha says the present days are full of struggles and worries. It is better to forget the old things and start life afresh. One must be patient in every situation. Being arrogant in a relationship is not okay. Along with the busyness in the workplace, it is necessary to pay attention to fulfilling family obligations on time. The family atmosphere will be pleasant during the week. Expenditure on material amenities is possible. Chances of the fulfillment of any important family obligations can be made this week. A job rift is possible with a colleague this week.

Scorpio Ganesha says some financial and domestic concerns will create pressure on the mind. You can take full advantage of the relationship with tact this week. You can also take full advantage of your eloquence in the workplace. This week, efforts can be made to save the family and communicate love. The planetary compatibility of the present transit can be beneficial for you. There may be concern about the ill health of someone in the family. Some changed circumstances in the job may be pleasant for government employees. Any important unobstructed work in the family will be solved. Laziness can deprive important benefits. Don't feel bad about family members.

Sagittarius Ganesha says luck will support you this week. Busyness will increase in some new tasks. You may remain worried about fulfilling some important responsibilities related to children this week. The health of the life partner should be taken care of. Do not neglect your duties. There are chances of some religious work being completed in the family this week. Your good feelings will bring success to the cause. During this time you can take advantage of your intellectual abilities in the field. This week one should not be negligent in any kind of legal matter. There may be trouble in traveling for an important purpose. Your proximity to bad-tempered people can be harmful to you.

Capricorn Ganesha says this will be a good time to complete important plans. Relationships will be strengthened through sociability. This is a good time to correct past mistakes. Therefore, leave the old grudges and make the relationship sweet. Situations like the separation between relatives can depress. Good wishes can arise in your mind this week. Loss is possible due to hasty actions. Closeness with politicians can increase. There is a possibility of an increase in material happiness. Trouble is possible this week due to the behavior of a colleague or official on the job. Emotional expectations will be painful in close relationships. The mind will be worried about the happiness and sorrow of the family members.

Aquarius Ganesha says it will be good for you to forget the past and try to live in the present. Profits can be made on the job. This week shaky mind may be unable to concentrate on the goal. A strong man like you should not lose heart because the whole family's burden rests on you. There may be doubts about the future in the mind. Attraction to transgender relationships can lead to difficulties. This week the mind will be worried about the efficient discharge of some important responsibilities. By increasing activity, you will move towards progress. One should be enthusiastically ready to implement new schemes. This week, the mind may remain depressed due to a lack of respect from family members. Give up laziness in important tasks.

Pisces Ganesha says this week, there will be a feeling of happiness and peace from God's faith. Your nature will enable you to deal with every problem. Your heart will be filled with old touching incidents. By taking care of respect in the family, sweetness will remain in all relationships. Emotionally the mind will feel lonely. Interest in creative and social work will increase this week. Suddenly some pleasant news will please the mind. This week, the mind may remain worried due to interruption in some important work. Intensity will increase in the old relationship, but it is right for you to avoid failure and slander. One should be careful of the activities of opponents in the workplace. Your temperament can reduce emotional exchanges in relationships.

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