Ailing white tigress, lioness die in Madhya Pradesh

The lioness Bhawani was reported dead due to old age, while the tigress in Indore succumbed to weak health since May when she gave birth to three cubs.

bhopal Updated: Jul 11, 2015 21:22 IST
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Kamala Nehru Park in Indore on Saturday lost another big cat as five-year-old white tigress Diya succumbed to intestinal cancer. (Arun Mondhe/HT photo)

A lioness from national park in Bhopal and a white tigress from an Indore zoo died in Madhya Pradesh following health problems, officials said on Saturday.

An ailing 16-year-old lioness in Bhopal’s Van Vihar National Park died after suffering paralysis in her hind limbs. The lioness, Bhawani passed away on Thursday, wildlife veterinarian Dr Atul Gupta said.

Bhawani suffered paralytic attack on February 22 and since then she was being treated for it.

Gupta said, postmortem report revealed the reason behind her death as old age and non-functioning of internal organs.

Meanwhile at Indore, a five-year-old white tigress in local Kamala Nehru Zoo died early on Saturday because of allegedly suffering from intestine cancer. The white tigress gave birth to three cubs in May this year and since then she was not well, said the zoo incharge, Uttam Yadav. The parts of her intestine will also be sent for histopathological tests to confirm the cancer angle.

Yadav said normally in captive condition the big cat survives for 16-24 years.

First Published: Jul 11, 2015 21:17 IST