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‘Was fed up with humiliation’: Army jawan kills JCO, surrenders after 39 hours

Singh, who had been hiding in the factory premises since then, surrendered after being persuaded by the Army and police officials.
Hindustan Times, Bhopal | By Shruti Tomar | Edited by Sparshita Saxena
UPDATED ON OCT 12, 2020 11:31 PM IST

Shakar Singh, a jawan of Defense Security Corps (DSC) surrendered on Monday, almost 39 hours after he shot dead a junior commissioned officer (JCO) at Ordinance Factory in Katni district, 462 kilometres east of Bhopal over alleged humiliation, the police said.

Singh, who had been hiding in the factory premises since then, surrendered after being persuaded by the Army and police officials and said he killed the officer as he was fed up with humiliation he faced from the officer, the police said.

Singh belongs to Bageshwar in Uttarakhand while the deceased JCO Ashok Shikara, 45, was from Ladwara village of Rohtak in Haryana.

“Shakar Singh shot dead his officer after an argument between the two during the routine evening parade on the factory premises on Saturday evening. Shikara died on the spot. Later, the accused fired at least five more rounds in the air and threatened the factory personnel not to come in his way. He had been hiding in the factory for the past 39 hours,” said Lalit Shakyawar, superintendent of police, Katni.

During interrogation, the jawan told the police and Army officials that he was hiding in a ladies toilet on the factory premises. During this period, he claimed to have guava from a tree and water from the tank over the toilet, the police said.

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In a statement registered with police, Shakar Singh said he killed the JCO as the latter used to publicly humiliate him and he was also depressed due to frequent change in his duty timings, according to the police.

“Shakar Singh told police and Army officials that on Saturday evening too, the officer scolded him in front of all other jawans. He couldn’t control his anger and committed the crime. Next morning, he realized that he had committed a blunder and that he should also end his life,” said a police officer.

Katni, superintendent of police, Lalit Shakyawar said, “When the jawan turned on his mobile phone to talk to his family on Sunday morning, DSC lieutenant colonel D Mohan managed to talk to him and after persuasion, the army officer arranged a conference call between the jawan and his family. The family and the officer tried to convince him to surrender but he was crying and said he had spoiled everything and he had no other option but to die.”

The police officer said, “After talking to family, he controlled his emotions, ate guavas plucked from a tree and drank water from the water tank over the toilet. He spent the night on the roof of the toilet. The police officers and DSC officers kept on pursuing him the entire night by using a public announcement system. In the morning, he surrendered.”

“It was one of the toughest situations as we couldn’t have used physical power to arrest him because he could have attacked us or killed himself. We dealt with him psychologically and we are happy that we succeeded in our efforts,” said Shakyawar.

He said Singh was being interrogated by the Army and the police.

Factory workers’ manager and administrator, Ajay Kumar, said, “The work operations in the factory have been resumed after two days. Now, the situation is absolutely fine,” he added.

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