Actor Omi Vaidya is currently in the United States with his family.
Actor Omi Vaidya is currently in the United States with his family.

Omi Vaidya: I have never felt this anxiety, I lost eight kilos of weight in first three weeks of lockdown

Actor Omi Vaidya reveals that the way the lockdown to control the Covid-19 virus was imposed in India, was better than the US. Also says that the anxiety and stress got to him at one point.
Hindustan Times | By Rishabh Suri, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUL 04, 2020 10:50 PM IST

Actor Omi Vaidya is in the US with his family, and is still coming to terms with how life changed overnight due to the Covid-19 crisis.

Mental health problems have risen considerably due to the stress everyone is going through in the past four months. And Vaidya didn’t remain unaffected. In fact, things got to such a point for him that he lost weight due to the anxiety.

“I lost eight kilograms in just the first three weeks, from not being able to eat, and basically running around to get essentials. I have never felt this anxiety before. We are so helpless, that’s luckily subsided by now. Unfortunately, in some ways, we have gotten used to it, this new normal. That was hard,” confesses Vaidya.

As someone who was so used to walking in on a set and shoot for something, he says things are all changed now, especially for actors. He explains they don’t have any other work, than this most of the times.


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He explains how they don’t have any other work besides this, most of the times. “There’s also the existential crisis as an actor, or whatever you want to call me, influencer or celebrity. I don’t have a purpose right now. What can I do? Donate money; that’s about it. I work with a couple of copywriters from India, we wrote a very engaging and hilarious Hindi speech on corona, which I put up on Instagram,” says the 3 Idiots (2009) actor.

Describing the scenario around the world as “madness”, Vaidya says the way the lockdown was implemented in India was better than the one in the US.

“Here, they gave us a couple of days, in India it was like ‘it’s locked’ that was in a way good. Here it was crazy, there were lines of people everywhere, people going all over, which would spread the disease more. I went out, everybody else stayed in, my wife and two kids, who are in school. How would we, me and my wife do our work, both of us have jobs. We made sure that we gave our children engaging stuff, not just TV,” he shares.

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