Sunil Grover has changed his Twitter and Instagram bio amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Sunil Grover has changed his Twitter and Instagram bio amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Sunil Grover: ‘Humanity is the first religion, what is greater than that at this time?’

Sunil Grover urged people not to fight over communal issues at a time when the entire country is reeling from the coronavirus pandemic.
Hindustan Times | By Shreya Mukherjee
UPDATED ON APR 06, 2020 10:08 PM IST

Amid these dark times, Sunil Grover is doing what he’s best at — spreading laughter and keeping things light, albeit virtually through social media. The actor-comedian says that the idea is to make people aware about the Covid-19 crisis by making the messaging “catchy and humorous”.

Grover explains, “There’s too much tension and panic, so I’m trying to lighten the mood while also teaching everyone something. Par kabhi kabhi log humour ko galat le lete hai (But sometimes, people take humour the wrong way). So, I’m keeping it simple to make people understand, and they agree with a smile on their faces.”

Keeping his wit alive, he even changed his Twitter and Instagram bio to, ‘At home, washing hands with soap frequently’.

“There are enough people already trying to make us aware that we need to wash our hands. Zyada bolne se log irritate bhi ho sakte hai (People might get irritated if you keep telling them about it). So, I decided to keep it subtle,” he adds.

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Not keen on highlighting any problem he might be facing, Grover, 42, instead draws attention to villages in need. “As someone who has food to eat, water to drink and a house to live in, I’m grateful. There are villages where people walk for kilometers to get food or water; many don’t have phones or TV to keep them updated or entertained. Others go without food for days. That’s where we need to work. Medical and paramedical staff are working day and night, let’s respect that,” urges the actor, who has been supporting his staff, and has “told them to spread the message in their neighbourhood”.

Meanwhile, he urges people to not fight over religion, and adds, “Humanity is the first religion, usse badh kar kya hai abhi (what is greater than that at this time)? Can’t we forget everything else and be together in such times? We must. Let’s help each other, spread love.”

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