Business not as usual

Management consultant Dinesh Kumar's handbook manages to entertain and educate.

books Updated: Dec 30, 2005 19:20 IST

Corporate Capers: Business Not as Usual
by Dinesh Kumar
Response Books
Pages: 255
ISBN: 0-7619-3451-0

Corporate Capers is an eye-opening and insightful look at the corporate world. Blending serious issues with humour, it gives the reader an insider’s perspective of corporate life. The author has seen senior management at its best and worst during a career spanning 30 years. He narrates his experiences in a delightful manner, providing numerous practical corporate philosophies while covering a range of work issues such as:

•Business ethics
•New age management
•Business etiquette.

Providing a bird’s eye view of the Indian corporate world, this is an incisive and thought-provoking book. Written in a style that is simple, interesting and witty, it is a thoroughly enjoyable read for anyone interested in the corporate world and its inner workings. It will be of particular interest to business leaders and to managers on the move.

Here are some excerpts.

From the Dedication:
“Leadership is not about what they taught you in your business schools. Leadership in the real corporate world is dynamically inconsistent, and full of surprises that keep you guessing and on your toes.”

From Part 1: On Business Ethics (What’s That?) - Balance Sheet Botoxing

“An important quality about consultants is that we are team players. It is said that even crooks have a code of conduct, like not transgressing one another’s territory. Similarly, consultants also have their own code, as they need one another to get on in life, in a sort of win-win way.

For instance, if I am working with a client and he wants some financial botoxing done about which I do not know a sausage, I am hardly going to say no. ‘Of course we can handle that,’ will be my answer. I know that I can always find an associate who will swing into action on my behalf, retaining 80 per cent of the fee and passing the rest to me for bringing him into the loop. That is how the system works. I suppose that is how the word associate consultant was coined.

One day, a long-forgotten client rang me and confided that he was sick.

I said, ‘why, what’s wrong? Who are you seeing? I hope that it is nothing serious?’

Breaking into Hindi, he said, ‘mein to bilkul theek hoon. Company ko problem hai.’

That is how it is in India. They are always fine but their companies are not.

First Published: Dec 30, 2005 19:20 IST