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Excerpts: Untwine the Wind

Here're the excerpts from Renee Ranchan's book Untwine the Wind.

books Updated: Sep 08, 2010 17:18 IST


1. Baby Breaths

Sleep delicious
Eyes shut smooth
A smile tickling your mouth
An upturned nose tucked in elf-eagerness
A face full of pranks
Cushioned by pillows
Colourful my sleeping baby

Dear, dear child
Just watching you
Your tender breathing
Refreshes me
As if woken from a dewy sleep
Bounteous and big-hearted<

2. Paradise Discovered

Lavish laughter
Gales of chortling chuckles
Laughter lush and luxuriant
Rhapsody in reams

Open-handed prancing giggles
Princely and plentiful
Chimes of gladness
squealing mirth
Melodies of joy

Oh, precious child
Your puckish piping
Cheered by cherubs
Sent by God
To a mother
Forever beholden

3. Habitually Yours

I beg, I know
For little though, pint-sized really
No wobbly baby-steps to bridge the remoteness
No fumbling path-up possibilities
No gift-wrapped baubles sent high-spirited
No unsure assurances over a crackling connection
No flustered face-to-face meets
No strangled words

I ask you to stop
Stop making me a chore
Tiresomely habitual

4. Blustering Graffiti

Grating the nerves
Noises in loud jarring colours
Strung out on a droopy clothesline
Crassly coiled in searing snarls
Reaching ranges unrestrained
Deafning visuals lunging

Twitchy gashes ajar
Warring sounds on hands handcuffed
Chiseling with sneering inscriptions
Who will scrub away
This blustering graffiti over-running

Is there a Wind
Unafraid enough?

5. Moving On

I want to bid goodbye
Watch my house
Grow dimmer
With that farewell wave
Trot out, though not young
Accompanied with hope unsedated
Mind emptied of clutter
Unoccupied with form
Demanding norm
Besieging a wreath
On that gravesite
That, where wobbled my house

6. Fear Struck

The root fell
Despite your hush-hush steps
The tip-toeing entourage
awash with fear
submerged further soundless

But why, mother, why,
The muted movement
Those shush-shush fingers
Long after the roof fell?

First Published: Sep 08, 2010 15:51 IST