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Tracking Draupadi with her girl gang on an earthly break

Author Trisha Das delves into fantasy fiction through her book Ms Draupadi Kuru: After the Pandavas. The book is a humorous take on how Draupadi is bored in heaven and needs a vacation on earth.

books Updated: Sep 23, 2016 08:13 IST
Ankita Rawat
Ankita Rawat
Hindustan Times
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Trisha Das’ latest book is a humorous take on Draupadi’s life after she ascended to the heaven.

While commentaries on Mahabharata have been abundant, Trisha Das’ Ms Draupadi Kuru: After the Pandavas is a refreshing, humorous revival of the mythological character of Draupadi.

From making documentaries to penning down internationally acclaimed, award-winning books on documentary filmmaking, Trisha Das finally delves into fantasy mythology.

Author Trisha Das’ latest Ms Draupadi Kuru is a fun take on the mythological character.

“I always wanted to be an author, I have grown up dreaming about it”, says the author, adding that “I think Mahabharata is so much a part of our life and tradition. The tradition of re-telling the epic book has been going on for thousands of years, there have been millions of authors and story-tellers who have re-told the story and have had their interpretations. And, after writing a few books and figuring out what really my writing style was, I just came to a conclusion that this is me, this is my natural style of writing.”

Although she did receive some flak for the treatment of mythological character, she is unfazed. “I did receive some flak on social media, but I guess that is because they have not read the book yet. Once you read the book you’d know that there is nothing offensive in it. People have come back after reading it and appreciated it. ”

In fact, she feels that people are ready to laugh at politically incorrect jokes. For instance, a short film Mama’s boys directed Akshat Verma interpreted Draupadi as a desirable, saucy modern woman who is flirtatious, was also appreciated by many. “You know its really nice that someone has come up with it, its probably a good time now. I think now people are just ready for any kind of humour in India. And, not just politically correct humour but they are ready to experiment and explore.

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The book, from Harper Collins India,is about Draupadi, an independent woman, who’s bored of living in heaven and now decides to holiday for thirty days with her girl gang Amba, Kunti and Gandhari on earth. The story follows their “holiday” as they learn about modern Indian society in humorous ways, this is an over dose of laughing gas. On asking if brother, actor and comedian Vir Das has helped her promoting the book, Trisha, says, “Vir and I have different audiences. In terms of subjects, he does more of social contemporary thing where he focuses more on current affairs, news, politics, whereas mine is more of a fantasy comedy , we cover different genres but the humour element is what we share in our writing for sure.”

First Published: Sep 23, 2016 08:12 IST