Iodine-rich foods like seaweed nori leaves better thyroid functioning(Shutterstock)
Iodine-rich foods like seaweed nori leaves better thyroid functioning(Shutterstock)

Health: Five foods to keep you energetic all day

These five foods will give the much needed boost to a sluggish metabolism
Hindustan Times | By Dr Anjali Hooda Sangwan
UPDATED ON JUN 27, 2019 05:41 PM IST

Metabolism is the ability of the body to use food for energy. Metabolic processes slow down with starvation, age, inactivity, loss of muscle and hormonal disturbances or genetics. Eating well and eating clean is the key to keep the metabolic process in place. So, here are top five foods that can help boost metabolism:

Salads and vegetables like celery, spinach and broccoli. These have methyl folate, which is very important for the metabolic process. 

Proteins like fish, eggs and meats and some legumes/ lentils. They maintain and help build the muscle mass as muscles are most active metabolically.

Nuts and seeds are rich in good fats and proteins that help in replacing bad fat and improve metabolism, as they also contain many micro-nutrients.

Iodine-rich foods like seaweed, nori leaves, shrimps and tuna. These better thyroid functioning as the T4 produced by our body or ingested needs iodine and iron to convert in to T3, which is the active form of the thyroid hormone.

Fibre, about 20 to 30 grams in your diet, is important. It is indigestible and the body spends more energy digesting it rather than refined foods.

Anjali Hooda Sangwan,MD, is also a writer who specialises in obesity management, functional medicine and advanced metabolism and founder of Her repertoire includes celebrities, politicians and industrialists.

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