How to heal yourself with herbs from the kitchen
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How to heal yourself with herbs from the kitchen

Everyday herbs have great healing potential – particularly in the summer

brunch Updated: Apr 13, 2013 18:47 IST
shikha sharma
shikha sharma
Hindustan Times

Most Indian kitchens stock several herbs that contain healing properties. In the past, such herbs were used as medicine. The mortar and pestle were used to prepare indigenous chutneys, and the juices of herbs were added to vegetables in order to incorporate them into our food mix. Here’s a quick lowdown of a few traditional herbs found in the Indian kitchen that have great healing potential. Mint: Pudina, a routine part of staple Indian meals, has several healthy properties. A teaspoon of mint leaves, crushed with ginger, and rock salt added for taste, is an excellent remedy to prevent nausea in summer.

Mint leaf garnishes on vegetables also enhance digestion and help calm a upset stomach. It also controls the excessive build-up of gas. Adding pudina to green chilli chutney in meals helps control hiccups.

Parsley: This herb helps control urine infections, whose incidence goes up in the summer. It also helps balance the acidic environment in the kidney and functions as a diuretic (an agent for greater urine flow). Ultimately, it also helps control kidney stones.

Basil: Tulsi, another common kitchen herb, can either be added to vegetable juices and taken on an empty stomach or added to lemon and ginger juice and diluted with water (the juice: water ratio should be 1:5). It also aids digestion and helps fight constipation. Tulsi also boosts your immunity levels.

Aloe Vera: This is a wonderful herb to cure summer rashes and skin damage. Applying aloe vera juice to sun-affected skin helps the skin regenerate faster. Drinking aloe vera juice promotes intestine and liver healing and serves to detoxify the digestive tract.

Milk thistle: Also known as silymarin, this herb is known to promote a healthy liver. Those suffering from liver problems related to high consumption of alcohol can benefit immensely from it. People who are dependent upon painkillers, or have taken several rounds of antibiotics, can also consume milk thistle and aloe vera juice to heal their liver.

Turmeric: Another herb ubiquitous in India, turmeric is known to prevent arthritis and joint pains. To consume this herb as medicine, take a raw turmeric root and juice a half-inch piece. This can be added to milk and drunk in the night.

Alternatively, one can add raw turmeric juice to vegetable soup. In case one is taking turmeric in soup form, then avoid using corn flour or rice flour in the soup.

Digestive Wonder
Mint or pudina is excellent for digestion and even nausea, especially in the summer healing touch

Turmeric has excellent antiseptic properties and is good for preventing arthritis and joint pains for a good detox

Milk thistle is good for liver problems related to too much alcohol or even the excessive use of painkillers cool remedy

Aloe vera helps cure rashes and skin damage caused by harsh sunlight

First Published: Apr 13, 2013 17:14 IST