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Men’s Style Special! Two young sports stars show us how the young dress...

And we get into their minds to see how millennials think!

brunch Updated: Aug 04, 2018 22:44 IST
Anil Sadarangani
Anil Sadarangani
Hindustan Times
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Mayank Dagar (left) is a super talented cricketer whereas Jehan Daruvala is a celebrated motor sports racer. Mayank wears a suit from SS Homme; T-shirt, United Colors of Benetton; sandals, Zara and Jehan wears a suit from SS Homme; cardigan and sandals, Zara. Styling by Nazneen Harianawala, Make-up and hair: Ashwin Shelar(Subi Samuel )

Do all millennials live their lives uninhibitedly on social media? Evidently, not all do.Our cricketing superstar today may have over a 100K followers on Instagram, but our 19-year-old racer, Jehan… well, he prefers a more reserved approach.

First time famous

Jehan arrives ahead of schedule and sits quietly in a chair looking at himself in the mirror as make-up and hair artist Ashwin Shelar paints his youthful face. When he steps in front of photog Subi Samuel’s lens, he is nervous. “I haven’t done such a photo shoot before,” confesses Jehan, trying to keep a brave face (aren’t millennials to the camera born?).

Jehan’s social media posts from the racetrack, however, appear to tell a different story – of a boy who is anything but self-conscious. As a kid, his father, Khurshed, would take him to the go-karting track at Mumbai’s Powai area, where Jehan discovered his love for speed. By age 13, he was winning go-karting titles in Asia and Europe and was being billed as one of Sahara Force India’s rising motorsport drivers. Last year, he achieved several significant breakthroughs. Jehan and is all set to study finance at the London School of Economics later this year. When he became the first Indian driver to win a race at the FIA Formula 3 European Championship, in a video from that win posted on his Instagram, he is seen dancing atop his car, pumping his fists in the air, so giddy with his win, he does not even bother removing his helmet (for the world to see his happy face).

Back in the studio, face now visible to the camera, Jehan awkwardly kicks his legs in the air. Just when you think he’ll break under pressure, Mayank breezes in.

(From left) Waist coats aren’t just meant to cover love handles, but as on Jehan, they are sometimes worn unbuttoned to accentuate the V! (Shirt, United Colors Of Benetton; waistcoat, SS Homme; shorts, Tommy Hilfiger; sneakers, Vans ) Statement T-shirts don’t have to scream. Get someone to come closer to read the message, and they’ll never leave your side! (T-Shirt and trousers, Zara; blazer, Premium by Jack & Jones; sneakers, Vans ) ( Subi Samuel )

Secret superstar

A student of English Honours, the good-natured and humble Mayank readily sheds his shirt. Jehan prefers to keep his on. Mayank shows off his tattoos, playfully photobombs Jehan, and, though he barely knows him, gives him tips on how to pose. Mayank is quick to remind his manager to Instagram videos from the shoot to his 1,00,000-plus followers. Jehan resists his manager’s attempts to make him more visible on social media.

Mayank is happy to be compared to Bollywood cutie Varun Dhawan and one of his mentors, Virat Kohli. “I’d be happier if people compare my game and fitness with Virat bhaiya.” He became team India’s second-highest wicket-taker in the 2016 under-19 World Cup in Bangladesh. He went on to make a first-class debut for Himachal Pradesh at the Ranji Trophy and was snapped up by Preity Zinta to be the Kings XI Punjab squad’s left-arm spinner.

“There’s nothing bad about being good-looking, so I’m happy about this comparison,” he grins. Jehan quickly rubs off his make-up.

(From left) Mayank’s knotted shirts around the neck are not last century. They spell casual cool, and also help shoulders look broader. (T-Shirt, Forever 21; checked shirt, Jack & Jones; chinos, Zara; shoes, Vans) And his floral pants with a printed shirt? Break rules to stand out in them! (Shirt, United Colors of Benetton; shorts, Forever 21, sneakers, Vans) ( Subi Samuel )

Excerpts from the interview.

1. Are you a tough cookie or a sensitive dude?
Jehan: Sensitive dude.
Mayank: Sensitive… but I’m mentally very strong.

2. And are you an extrovert or an introvert?
Jehan: I am private. I am not someone who will go introduce myself to people.
Mayank: I am an extrovert only with my close friends from school or my cricket buddies!

3. Tell us one thing nobody knows about you…
Jehan: I don’t hide anything from my close ones and for the rest, I don’t like to share things that are personal.
Mayank: That I am a very good dancer! Recently, Chris [Gayle] and I did a crazy dance together recently. Maybe, he will upload that video somewhere soon.

4. Do you have any hidden talents?
Jehan: I’m good at math.
Mayank: I used to play drums in school. I even performed for my house team.

5. Your celebrity crush...
Jehan: Deepika Padukone.
Mayank: Sonam Bajwa. She’s a Punjabi actress.

6. Boys’ night out or a stay in with girlfriend?
Jehan: Boys’ night out.
Mayank: I love hanging out with my friends. It’s always fun.

7. Are you single?
Jehan: I prefer not to answer.
Mayank: Single. My game is my relationship. As one stays loyal with one’s girlfriend, I stay loyal with my game.

8. PDA or not?
Jehan: No PDA...
Mayank: No!

9. Would you watch a chick flick?
Jehan: Yes, sure...
Mayank: I’m not interested!

10. Are you superstitious?
Jehan: No, not at all.
Mayank: Not really. As a cricketer, we have our routines but it is not a superstition.

11. What makes you cry?
Jehan: I don’t usually cry. But if I lose someone close to me, I will definitely cry.
Mayank: When we lost the final to West Indies at the under-19 world cup in Bangladesh. It was heartbreaking. Not just me, everybody was emotional.

12. Kiss and tell or mum’s the word?
Jehan and Mayank: Mum’s the word.

13. Would you prefer to have a pet or a child?
Jehan: A pet!
Mayank: Alone and child, no chance. As a single guy, I cannot maintain a pet because I will be travelling and playing cricket. So, neither.

14. On Tinder, who would you swipe right or left for:
Jehan: Deepika: Right
Kareena: Right
Katrina: Right
Priyanka: Right
Alia: Right
Mayank: Deepika: Left
Kareena: Right
Katrina: Right
Priyanka: Right
Alia: Left

15. Which couple is your relationship goal?
Jehan: My parents.
Mayank: Virat bhaiya and Anushka (Sharma).

16. Books or kindle/iPad?
Jehan: I don’t read that much.
Mayank: Books.

17. Movie in a cinema hall or web series...?
Jehan and Mayank: Movie.

18. Last TV show you watched is...?
Jehan: Game of Thrones but I stopped with season six. To be honest, I didn’t really like it. I also loved Prison Break. I watched all the seasons over three weeks. Once I start watching, I can’t stop so I don’t watch anything now.
Mayank: None. I recently downloaded the IPL app on my phone and I go through all the highlights on that, that’s it.

19. Which is the last movie you loved/liked?
Jehan: Rush. It is a racing movie. I’ve seen it 20-odd times. And the movie 2012. I don’t know why, I was really addicted to that movie.
Mayank: The Mechanic, with Jason Statham. He’s my favourite when it comes to action movies. And Vin Diesel and The Rock.

20. Do you prefer the term ‘man crush’ or ‘fan boy’?
Jehan: Fan boy. I will probably fan boy when I meet Fernando Alonso. I haven’t met him yet.
Mayank: Fan boy. My fan boy moments have been with Rahul Dravid sir who I trained under for almost a year.

21. Car or bike?
Jehan: Car.
Mayank: Car. Bikes aren’t safe.

22. Ma ka khaana or hotel food?
Jehan and Mayank: Ma ke haath ka khaana.

23. What music are you listening to right now?
Jehan: I don’t like music.
Mayank: I have a lot of favourite songs. I normally go for house/EDM music.

24. Where on social media do you hang out?
Jehan and Mayank: Instagram.

25. Do you feel shy to live your life out on social media?
Jehan: For me, the main thing is what my friends and family think of me. If I let them down in any sort of way, it is shameful and would hurt me.
Mayank: If you see my social media profile, there are no pictures that are personal. Of course, when you travel, you put up some stories or if you meet someone who you admire, you take a picture...

26. One thing you love and hate about social media...?
Jehan: You can reach everyone at the click of a button. What I hate about it is I don’t like taking photos, selfies and videos of myself.
Mayank: If I can inspire others, that is great. What I don’t like about it is the comments, even if you make a small mistake. I’ve seen it affect others. Give your opinion, but don’t judge.

27. How long do you take to post on social media?
Jehan: Most of the time I have to be told to do it. I don’t do it spontaneously.
Mayank: When I’m on the field, I don’t. When you’re doing something fun like a shoot, then yes.

28. Are you obsessed with putting your life out on social media?
Jehan: Not obsessed at all.
Mayank: I am not addicted to it.

29. Who do you follow very closely on social media?
Jehan: Marc Marquez, Alonso and quite a few footballers.
Mayank: Virat Kohli. Especially when he shares his thoughts through his pictures and videos.

30. Have you ever had to delete something you posted on social media?
Jehan: Yes, I had posted some incorrect information about racing.
Mayank: Just once. (Laughs) I was wearing a shoe brand, which was not the one I was signed up with.

31. Favourite post till date?
Jehan: When I won the FIA F3 race last year. The video has the Indian national anthem playing in the background in Germany.
Mayank: The ones with Virat bhaiyya, Rahul [Dravid] Sir and Viru [Virendra Sehwag] pa.

32. Incognito or regular mode on your laptop/phone browser?
Jehan: I don’t know what this means. Regular, I guess.
Mayank: Regular. I only use a browser when I have to search for a place.

33. Fashion to you is…
Jehan: I’m not into fashion.
Mayank: Natural. I have a really good choice when it comes to fashion, my clothes, my watch collection and my colognes. I end up shopping a lot.

34. How long do you take to get dressed?
Jehan: Two minutes.
Mayank: Five minutes.

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