Personal Agenda with Ricky Kej: “Best thing about lockdown? My dog is really happy!”

The Grammy Award-winning composer reveals his best-kept secrets
Ricky Kej wrote a song on nature when he was in grade five(Photo: Mithun Bhat)
Ricky Kej wrote a song on nature when he was in grade five(Photo: Mithun Bhat)
Updated on May 10, 2020 12:34 AM IST
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Hindustan Times | By Veenu Singh

All About Ricky

Date of birth: August 5

Sun sign: Leo

Place of birth: North Carolina, USA

Hometown: Bengaluru

School/college: Burn Hall, Srinagar; Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, Bengaluru

High point of your life: Winning the Grammy Award

Low point of your life:When my sisters stole my stash of chocolates at age 10

Describe yourself in a hashtag.


And your alter ego in a hashtag…?


What’s your favourite word to use in a song...?


Give us an example.

Well, my own songs are named as One Song, One With Earth.

Share your first memory of writing a song.

I was in grade five when I wrote a song on nature.

So, what was the song?

Unfortunately, I haven’t got it written anywhere. Just vaguely remember that it was on nature.

Tell us one millennial word that you have recently learnt.

Nincompoop, it means a foolish or stupid person.

But that’s not a millennial term. It’s an old, old word.

Oh! I wasn’t aware of that. I heard it recently and found it funny.

One positive thing about the lockdown that you have felt...?

That my dogs are really happy!

What’s the last thing you googled?


And what did you discover?

Nothing that I didn’t already know. I just wanted to check on a few stats and stories.

Name the last show you binge-watched.


What do you like best about Indian classical music?

That it comes from the heart and soul of the musician.

What advice would you have given your 10-year-old self?

Carry on the way you are.

What do you mean by that? Did you change yourself at age 10 in some way?

No! Even if I went back in time to when I was five or even 15, I’d have had the same advice.

On My Phone

The first app I check in the morning: Gmail

The last thing I do on my phone before sleeping: Answer messages

On speed dial: Food delivery services

Favourite filter on Insta: “Original”

The least used app on my phone: All the game apps, I download them, but never play them

A YouTube video you have enjoyed watching: Honest Trailers

The first song on your spotify: Glycerine by Bush

List three things nobody knows about you.

I do not have regular sleep timings. I have only 11 sets of clothes and lastly, I no longer own a car.

So you Uber…? Any interesting experiences?

I guess when I travel abroad, its nice to see many women Uber drivers. I wish that happens here also soon.

What would the title of your biography be?

The traditional futurist.

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From HT Brunch, May 10, 2020

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