Playful Platitudes - Why is it called what it is called?

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Parul Khanna Tewari
Parul Khanna Tewari
Hindustan Times

Remember what they say about life? No, no, wait, don't. They say all these - contradictory, celebratory, desolate - things (that I have stopped 'cutting the quotations from the newspaper' ritual recently). So I realise (sans the help of those poets, authors, philosophers, parents, and 'evolved friends') that yes, life is playful. It should be. How else will you go through those endless things that you cannot bear to go through?


If there wasn't the promise of those wonderful Adele's 21 to get you past the painful traffic and equally painful (and not so good-looking) people in other cars, if there wasn't the promise of the tight bear hug from your devoted pet when you reach home after a 'not so good day', if there wasn't the promise of that pair of 'made for you' Zara pants (on sale) after a major part of your hard-earned (we would like to think so) salary is cut for some strange reasons (journalists never understand numbers. Not even their salary structures), or if there wasn't the promise of that one person who gets you to sparkle all of your teeth after the many who just got you to grind them.

It is playful because it is full of promise. No matter how many platitudes we come across. And, oh, yes, you cannot run away from the platitudes (the painful clichés' of life, the jams, the being-ignored for a promotion, the loss of jobs, the loss of a dear one).

And that's one reason I wanted to call my blog what I am calling it now.

Parul's dog, Bholaram. "His hugs make me smile the most."

Of course, the real reason was that I couldn't come up with anything else on a Tuesday evening when I had to tell my colleague what I would be calling it. My boss (Poonam) doesn't seem to particularly like the name; my deputy editor (Kushalrani Gulab) says it's fine. And so, I am on.

I will be writing about pets (I love them. An animal shelter is my life's eventual dream), fashion (pretty things make life such a pleasure to live) and dating (I don't know how I thought of that. Maybe, the rants and raves I hear from my friends every day about their dating life made it the 'first word that came to my mind').

So hello! And I hope I 'had you at hello' as Dorothy (Renée Zellweger) tells Jerry (Tom Cruise) in Jerry Maguire.

And see you soon (virtually, of course).

Parul loves dressing up and often walks in to office wearing clothes that no one excepts her can carry off. When she's not reading fashion glossies, she curls up with a book (and her dog, Bholaram), catches up on movies, dines and wines with friends and lives the good life.

First Published: Feb 18, 2012 19:06 IST