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Talk the cool talk: Five terms that became talking points this year

From ‘Gaslighting’ to ‘Gandi Copy’, these phrases are lit in today’s chatter

brunch Updated: Dec 29, 2018 23:14 IST
Samreen Tungekar
Samreen Tungekar
Gaslighting,Psychological manipulation,#MeToo movement
Terms like Love Is Love and You Are Not Alone became talking points in 2018


What it means: Psychological manipulation to make someone doubt themselves

This term came to light when the #MeToo movement hit home and triggered a conversation about victim shaming that was much needed.

Use it in a sentence: “Saying no is enough, don’t let anyone gaslight you into thinking you deserved it.”

This mama!

What it means: Admitting the challenges of motherhood and knowing the joys too

Serena Williams openly admitted that motherhood is tough and about feeling overwhelmed when you’re a new mom.

Use it in a sentence: “My toddler decided to nap exactly when we entered the cinema hall. #ThisMama skipped the film!”

Gandi copy

What it means: Calling out blatant plagiarism

Anonymous account Diet Sabya took social media by a storm by calling out ‘gandi’ (dirty) copies of other designers’ work, highlighting violation of intellectual property rights that plagues the fashion industry.

Use it in a sentence: “A gandi copy can be spotted from far! Be original.”

You are not alone

What it means: Talking about your mental health issues and reaching out will only help

Losing a few good names to suicide and depression, this term started a conversation about mental health minus the taboo.

Use it in a sentence: “Depression doesn’t discriminate. Reach out! You are not alone.”

Love is love

What it means: Love is the same for all

Striking down Section 377 led to a celebration of love and light in India and everyone, with the LGBTQIA community, spoke up!

Use it in a sentence: “Him, her or they, it doesn’t matter. Love is love.”

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From HT Brunch, December 30, 2018

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First Published: Dec 29, 2018 21:22 IST