Tempted to buy iPhone X? Rajiv Makhni explains what you should do

A complete lowdown on whether it makes sense to buy Apple’s radical new device.

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Rajiv Makhni
Rajiv Makhni
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A man tries out the Animoji feature on an iPhone X during its launch at the Apple store in Singapore November 3, 2017. (REUTERS)

The iPhone X. A radical phone that takes huge technological and innovative leaps, some that will become the next big thing and some that will leave you scratching your head. Last week I broke them down and also took a deep dive into some of the features. Eventually the question that was left to be answered was whether you should buy it. If you’re deeply embedded into the iPhone eco-system for many years and almost always buy a new iOS device as soon as it is out – then plunking down the extraordinary amount of money on the iPhone X is a no brainer. For the rest of you – read on.

If you own an iPhone 8

Then you’re one of those rare people that did buy one. And you shouldn’t even be reading about buying another phone right now. You just spent a very large amount of money and more or less already have quite a bit that the iPhone X offers in terms of the inside hardware, the optics and most of the features. Move along and stop wasting time reading about another phone to buy so soon.

If you own an iPhone 7

Don’t buy an iPhone 8 or the X right now. The 8 won’t give you anything very different from what you already own. Let’s quantify that. You already have a pretty good phone and if you’ve upgraded to the iOS 11 and are suffering some of the side effects of that – it’ll all stabilise soon with another update or two. The X will force you to learn new gestures and swipes. Nothing impossible but nothing very simple either. The 8S will come out much sooner than you think.

If you are deeply embedded into the Android ecosystem, then the iPhone X isn’t for you

If you own any other iPhone before the 7

Go take a look at both the 8 and the X. That’s what most people have waited for. The sales of the 8 have been dramatically hit as people postponed their purchase till the X was out too. After all, if you’re going to spend that kind of money, then might as well check both options out. Most probably you’ll buy the 8. Not because it is so much better but because other than the screen, you won’t perceive a big difference. Also, the X is and will remain in short supply (no, it’s not an artificially created by Apple). Also to some the asymmetrical design where the beautiful flow of the edge-to-edge screen on the X is broken by the forehead notch that houses the front camera is a huge deal breaker. It doesn’t bother me much but I’ve seen a few people go completely nuts. My prediction. Now that both the 8 and the X are out, sales of the 8 will finally get an uptick. Anyone owning any iPhone before the 7 will get huge gains from all the new features and hardware of the 8 or the X.

If you own a high-end Android phone

The Google Pixel 2 XL’s camera is one of the best

Should you switch to the X? It’s a great question and has a multitude of answers. For many Android phone users, the reason they had stopped looking at iPhones is because they always found them lagging in screen resolution, features and even looks. That’s all in the past now as the X is a stunning product with a very high resolution screen. You’ll spend a lot more than you’ve ever spent on a high-end Android phone, but the X is a great option now. If you’re deeply embedded into the Android ecosystem, then the X isn’t for you. If you start to foam at the mouth whenever someone starts to talk about the closed iOS system – then the X isn’t for you. If you have a great collection of music and movies from various sources (whatever sources including downloads, I’m not judging here) then the X may not be for you.

If you own an Android phone, waited for the X and have decided it isn’t for you

The Samsung Note 8 is great in looks and optics

Then you’ve got a huge amount of choices. The Samsung Note 8 and the S8 are by far the runaway leaders in terms of looks, screen features and optics. The all new Google Pixel 2 XL will give you a phone with the purity of stock Android along with a camera that has almost no rival other than the Note 8. Surprisingly there are great choices at a much lower price. If it’s purely looks and the edge-to-edge screen then the Mi Mix 2 with its ceramic back is an impossibly good looking phone. Or you could wait for the One Plus 5T that will be announced in just a few days from now and has pretty much everything you’ve been waiting for and then some more.

The Mi Mix 2 has a lovely ceramic back

There you have it then. The most comprehensive buying guide on whether you should buy the iPhone X or not. Do let me know which way you finally went :)

Rajiv Makhni is managing editor, Technology, NDTV, and the anchor of Gadget Guru, Cell Guru and Newsnet 3

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