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AQI 388: Lucknow air unbreathable again

PUBLISHED ON NOV 27, 2019 09:57 PM IST

Lucknow: Air pollution again caught the city in a stranglehold on Wednesday after a brief respite. The air turned ‘very poor’ yet again, with the average Air Quality Index (AQI) in the past 24 hours being recorded at 388, as per the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB).

The AQI in the range of 300-400 is considered very poor that can harm the health of people. Aliganj, Gomti Nagar and Talkatora remained the most polluted areas with the PM 2.5 levels oscillating between the 300 and 400 range. The AQI of Lucknow had dropped to 260 on November 24.

The pollution levels in Aliganj shot up to near 400 around mid night and again in the afternoon. In Talkatora, the air quality was poor even in the morning. According to experts, vehicular pollution and dust remained the biggest contributors to air pollution in the city.

This comes at a time when the state pollution control board has imposed ban in all major constructions in the city. Action against old and pollution vehicles is also proposed but no significant action has been taken against such vehicles so far.

The air quality of west UP improved, following rain in Delhi NCR region. The average AQI in Ghaziabad was 143. Greater Noida recorded an AQI of 144 followed by Baghpat 120. Kanpur in central UP recorded an AQI of 386.

“The drop in air quality is also because of the dip in average day temperature that make the air dense and inhibits air flow,” said senior environmentalist Devesh Singh. “The average temperatures have dropped by around 1.5 degrees in the past 24 hours.”

Meanwhile, the state pollution control board continues its efforts to improve the air quality even though the measures have largely been ineffective.

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