An audio blooper in DU’s online led to the recent #ShwetaYourMicIsOn trend worldwide.
An audio blooper in DU’s online led to the recent #ShwetaYourMicIsOn trend worldwide.

#ShwetaYourMicIsOn: DU students react to bloopers in online classes

Multiple incidents of audio clips going viral have surfaced during the online classes in Delhi University, and #Shweta incident is one such hilarious example.
By Aprajita Sharad, New Delhi
PUBLISHED ON FEB 20, 2021 01:47 PM IST

Audio bloopers have become a common error in most virtual interactions, but how lethal can these be when in an online classroom, that too in Delhi University, can be witnessed in the recent trending #ShwetaYourMicIsOn. Herein, a girl named Shweta accidentally shared intimate details about her friend’s love life, during an online college class. The recording made way to social media, and the trend even caught singer Shweta Pandit by surprise, when the latter saw her name trending worldwide!

Well, in a class that has multiple students and a single teacher figuring out how to mute one student from a bunch of faceless DPs, this is what happens and leaves everyone in splits, so much so that the incident becomes a social media sensation and even inspired meme machines to flood the internet! “There have been many instances in campus where students don’t realise that their mic is on, and the entire class gets to hear whatever they talk to other people at home or to someone on another call, says Tejas Malhotra, a student of Sri Aurobindo College, adding, “Many a times a student is recorded shouting at their family members to keep their voice down and in the process is accidentally heard yelling by the entire class. Now all this has in fact become common for us, but we still get a good laugh from time to time and this time it was due to #Shweta. Cooker ki seetiyan while providing background music while giving answers are quite often met with a funny jab from a co-student asking aaj khaane mein rajma ban rahe hain kya?”

Social media was flooded with memes such as this one, after the audio clip went viral.
Social media was flooded with memes such as this one, after the audio clip went viral.

The viral audio cum video and memes on #Shweta’s oops moment have left almost all Shweta’s in colleges across the city feeling hassled and embarrassed. “I’ve a friend named Shweta, and she’s so upset since this incident has taken place because a lot of her classmates have called her up to check if she’s the one whose conversation has gone viral on social media,” says Aatika Choudhary, a student of Vivekananda College, adding, “I on my part can feel for her, but can’t help laugh about the whole thing because such audio bloopers have become common in online classes. Honestly, I don’t even know if this one is a fake video or a real one, but I can imagine how embarrassing it would be for the real Shweta. I just don’t know why her classmates didn’t call her a little early and stop this from becoming major! I hope she has someone to counsel her after the entire incident because such moments can have varied effects on people... like I for now check four times if my mic is on or off!”

Youngsters are often quite conscious about their impression on others. So what happens in case of such an eventually? Does it have the potential to become a stressor? “I think so. But take it from a senior, these things happen on campus life. Try not to take it too seriously. Because we are on an online campus, and the most embarrassing thing is certainly a viral audio blooper. When we use to be in offline campus, such incidents and fights and rivalry between college boys kept happening as a part and parcel of college life. So today it seems big, but a few years down the lane, this could become a college memory for keepsakes,” smiles Mukul Malik, another student of Sri Aurobindo College.

“Pehle Sonali ke naam ka audio bhi aise hi viral hua tha, I remember. Ho jaata hai, theek hai na.... No point feeling embarrassed about it because it was neither Sonali’s mistake nor is Shweta’s. They genuinely didn’t realise that their mic was on,” opines Manish Mourya, of Atma Ram Sanatan Dharma College, sharing how it should be taken in one’s stride.He adds, “The best strategy to cope with such a thing is to ignore it. Of course becoming a meme doesn’t really help you to ignore and get on with life, but I think if the person can emotionally detach from the situation maybe they would be able to laugh along with others!”

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