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Mumbai: Man dies by suicide after killing father, grandfather

A 20-year-old student died by suicide on Saturday morning after allegedly murdering his father and grandfather
By Manish K Pathak
PUBLISHED ON MAR 07, 2021 12:19 AM IST

A 20-year-old student died by suicide on Saturday morning after allegedly murdering his father and grandfather. The police have registered a case of murder and filed an accidental death report (ADR).

On Saturday morning, at around 8.45am, the student was at home with his 55-year-old father, who is a motivational speaker and consultant, and his 85-year-old grandfather.

The three lived on a sixth-floor apartment in an eight-storey building in Mulund (West). Their domestic help, was also in the apartment at the time.

According to the police, the father had been scolding the son and telling him to focus on his studies when the 20-year-old lost his temper. He allegedly got hold of a kitchen knife and attacked his father, slitting the older man’s neck.

“The injured father rushed out of their sixth-floor flat to save himself from further attack. He then ranged the doorbell of their neighbour,” said Prashant Kadam, deputy commissioner of police, zone 7. According to the police, the domestic help, who is in his 20s and had started working in this household on March 2, was a witness to some of the accused actions, as was the neighbour. “The neighbour, a man in his mid-thirties, opened the main door, but before opening the safety door, he noticed blood flowing down the victim’s neck,” said Kadam. The neighbour alerted the security guard and other residents in the building, and also called the police. He did not let the injured in, fearing for the safety of his family.

Meanwhile, the accused allegedly followed his father and stabbed him multiple times in the back and ribs. The 55-year-old ultimately collapsed on the staircase while attempting to flee. While this was happening, the domestic help attempted to move the grandfather, who had been lying in a bedroom, but the 85-year-old insisted on remaining where he was. The terrified domestic help then hid in the bathroom, locking the door.

When accused returned to their flat, he attacked his grandfather, allegedly slit the 85-year-old’s throat and stabbed him multiple times. Then, the 20-year-old killed himself.

The police arrived at the scene after he died by suicide. Preliminary investigation suggests that the accused was receiving treatment for mental illness.

The police took the accused, father and the grandfather to a nearby hospital where all three were declared dead on arrival.

A team from Kalina forensic science laboratory has collected evidence from the scenes of the crimes.

The Joint commissioner of police (law and order) Vishwas Nangre Patil also visited the site.

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