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RCB Unbox Event 2024 Highlights: RCB now Royal Challengers Bengaluru; new jersey colours revealed

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Highlights: Virat Kohli, Faf du Plessis and Smriti Mandhana unveiled the team's new colours
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RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The Royal Challengers Bangalore gear up for a fresh seaosn of the IPL with a glamorous evening.

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live:
RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live:

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Highlights: It is official. RCB are now Royal Challengers Bengaluru and their primary colours have changed from black, red and gold to blue, red and gold. The third edition saw the women's team led by Smriti Mandhana being celebrated after they won the WPL on Sunday. Mandhana led her teammates out to a guard of honour from the men's team and support staff and then parraded the WPL trophy around the ground. After that came performances from Raghu Dixit and Norwegian DJ Allan Walker, with the latter revealing the team's song for the season. Virat Kohli, Faf du Plessis and Mandhana then revealed the new colours along with the new name....Read More

The Chinnaswamy Stadium is decked up, preparations got underway last evening with the ground wearing the kind of look expected from a WWE PPV event. A special stage has been set up, accompanied by a massive Kohli poster. And why not, Bengaluru fans went berserk at the sighting of their beloved 'King Kohli' and trust them to turn up in numbers to get a look at their icon up close and personal.

Plenty of stuff is lined up for today's event. There are some celebrity performances queued up, along with some snippets from players. Du Plessis is expected to address the crowd, and you never know, there may be a bit of Kohli in there as well. The top bosses will be attendance too, including CCO Prathmesh Mishra, and the occasions will mark the return of Universe Boss Chris Gayle too.

RCB have already started training at their homeground M Chinnaswamy Stadium as Kohli, who joined the camp a bit late on Sunday, took part in one of the sessions Monday with skipper Du Plessis also making his presence felt. The senior duo chatted with each other on the field as Kohli actively took part in the training on his return to the field. He took rounds of the ground and participated in the football session followed by the catching drills to get warmed up.

What to expect from RCB in IPL 2024

RCB will begin their quest to win their maiden IPL trophy, with the opening clash of the season against Chennai Super Kings on March 22. The season opener will be played at Chepauk Stadium, where two of the biggest superstars of Indian cricket MS Dhoni and Kohli will be up against each other. There promises to be added pressure on RCB this year after their women's team won the Women's Premier League title in just their second attempt. RCB have come close thrice to winning the IPL title but suffered defeat in the finals of 2009, 2011 and 2016.

Kohli, the premier India batter, has been associated with the franchise since the inception of the tournament but has failed to guide them to a title. The 35-year-old has been one of the most consistent performers in the league but the lack of collective effort on the field has put the team down on several occasions.

IPL 2024 promises to be another season where RCB will rely on Kohli to provide solidity to their batting attack. The star batter was in terrific form last season but he has not played much cricket in recent times this year. He last played for India in January in the T20I series against Afghanistan and after that, he took a break from England Tests due to personal reasons. The 2024 edition will be crucial for him to cement his place in India's T20 WC squad.

Du Plessis and Glenn Maxwell are the other two stars who will be crucial for RCB in the batting department on a relatively small boundary home ground M Chinnaswamy Stadium. The franchise needs their batters to go all guns blazing in the home matches as the pitch in Bengaluru doesn't offer much for the bowlers and the small boundary size makes the case even worse for them. The inclusion of Cameron Green will boost their chances for the title bid as the Aussie star will add value to both batting and bowling. He had a decent debut season at Mumbai Indians last season but they decided to trade him to accommodate space for the return of Hardik Pandya.

The bowling department remains an area of concern for RCB as apart from Mohammed Siraj they don't have a proven bowling attack. Lockie Ferguson and Alzarri Joseph have decent experience in IPL but they still have not been able to make a big mark. Meanwhile, Indian pacers like Yash Dayal and Akash Deep also have performed well in patches and lack consistency in the T20 format. After releasing Wanindu Hasaranga, RCB also failed to sign an ideal replacement in the spin department and will rely on Karn Sharma and the other rookie options to get the job done.

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Mar 19, 2024 9:13 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: See you in the IPL now

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Right, that's that for the day from the Chinnaswamy Stadium. New jersey, new name, and probably a new spirit for RCB going into this season thanks to the women's team. Can the fans dare to dream? Well today the answer from the franchise was a resounding yes. Whether those dreams can become reality or not, is something we will have to wait and watch. Thank you so much for joining us!

Mar 19, 2024 8:46 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: ‘Just call me Virat’

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: "It is lovely to be back again," he started after the host Danish Sait asked him, "How is the King feeling?". The crowd absolutely exploded after Kohli's first sentence and so he had to stop for a second. The lights in the stadium also flickered on and off momentarily upon which Kohli said, "Let me talk. Guys, we have to get to Chennai tonight we have a chartered flight so we don't have time (laughs). Firstly, you need to stop calling me that word. I was telling Faf, it is very embarrassing for me when you call me that name every year, just call me Virat."

Mar 19, 2024 8:35 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: And so there's your lot

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Quite a bit of rewiring to do for RCB fans going into the season. The least of it might be the slight tweak in the name, with the franchise adopting the official name of the city at last and letting go of the erstwhile Bangalore. The new jersey seems to be a difficult pill to swallow for a number of fans judging by what can be seen at the moment on social media. A combination of red and blue is not an easy one to pull off in any situation and it seems they haven't quite got it here as well. But the biggest rewiring must be the fact that fans know that their team go into this season as one that has won a trophy thanks to the women. Surely that would be added motivation for the men to finally get over a line that has haunted them since the first season of this tournament back in 2008.

Mar 19, 2024 8:29 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: The rest of the players join Kohli and Du Plessis

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Smriti Mandhana exits the dais and the rest of the RCB men's squad join Du Plessis and Kohli. They take a photograph with the backroom staff and the business end of the team and then with the support staff at the ground.

Mar 19, 2024 8:27 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Royal Challengers Bengaluru

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: It is no longer Royal Challengers Bangalore. Fans needn't worry, there hasn't been too big a tweak to that name. They will now be known as Royal Challengers Bengaluru, which means they will popularly continue to be known as RCB.

Mar 19, 2024 8:21 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: And the new jersey is revealed

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: It is very much the combination of blue and red that could be seen in the leaked images. Kohli and Du Plessis remove their track suits to reveal it while photos of the pair and Mandhana donning the jersey are shown on the big screens behind the stage.

Mar 19, 2024 8:18 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Vinay Kumar inducted into the RCB hall of fame

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: The former fast bowler is the latest inductee in the RCB hall of fame. He joins Chris Gayle and AB De Villiers in there.

Mar 19, 2024 8:12 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Time for the jersey reveal

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Here we go then, this is what everyone has been waiting for and this is probably one of three big reasons why anyone would want to watch this event. On stage are women's captain Smriti Mandhana, men's captain Faf du Plessis and of course, Virat Kohli.

Mar 19, 2024 8:11 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Alan Walker's set ends

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Well that was quite something. The Norwegian has done his thing and the Chinnaswamy is absolutely dazzling now.

Mar 19, 2024 8:00 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: In other news

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Some major news indeed. Suryakumar Yadav is yet to be cleared as fully fit by the NCA and will miss Mumbai Indians' first match of the season.

Mar 19, 2024 7:42 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Alan Walker begins his set

RCB Unbox Event 2024 Live: Here we go then, the superstar Norwegian DJ has begun his set. He will debut the team's song for the season which is composed by him.

Mar 19, 2024 7:33 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: ‘Hopefully this year’, says the King

"Hopefully we can double it up with the trophies," said Kohli. "That'll be something truly special. I am always going to be here, try to be part of the group that wins it for the first time. I will try my best with my ability and experience to do it for the fans and the franchise. It is a dream of mine as well to know what it feels like to win the IPL."

Mar 19, 2024 7:29 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Kohli talks

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Not live at the event, RCB has put out a video of the King talking about the women's team's victory and his own future. "Amazing. When they won, we were all watching it and at that point you realise the fan base in its absolutely purest form. It felt like the city won. The turnout during the games had no comparison. These are special things and it is something you create over a long period of time," he said.

Mar 19, 2024 7:17 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Fans raving about Kohli

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: It has been a while since the former captain and spiritual leader of RCB made a public appearance. Kohli looked his typical self while the women's team was being honoured, joking and laughing around with his teammates and backroom staff.

Mar 19, 2024 7:06 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The Chinnaswamy is dazzling now

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The MC has asked fans to switch on their phone torches while the lasers and shining lights are out as well. The stadium is as decked up as it can be at the moment.

Mar 19, 2024 6:42 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: AB De Villiers in the house

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The legendary batter is there at the stadium. For now, musician Raghu Dixit and his band is performing at the Chinnaswamy. The live stream on Youtube, meanwhile, ended with the women's team taking a squad picture.

Mar 19, 2024 6:26 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The fans can't get enough of the champions

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The players are throwing soft balls as souvenirs into the crowd as they continue their parade. Mandhana could be seen video calling Elysse Perry, who is not there with the rest of the team.

Mar 19, 2024 6:16 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The WPL champions given a guard of honour

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The men's players have formed a guard of honour and the women walk out between them, led by captain Smriti Mandhana who also has the WPL trophy in her hands. They take a lap around the ground, holding the trophy aloft.

Mar 19, 2024 6:12 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Streaming begins at last

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: In case you are still looking for it, the franchise have finally started streaming the event live on their Youtube channel for free.

Mar 19, 2024 6:05 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The performances have begun

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Up first is the rapper Brodha V. Mohammed Siraj was among the players who could be seen sitting on the sidelines.

Mar 19, 2024 5:46 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The WPL champions are in the house!

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Here they are! The girls are wearing special black t-shirts with the words "WPL CHAMPIONS 2024" printed on them in gold.

Mar 19, 2024 5:35 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: An update on the streaming

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Well it seems streaming can be accessed now on the RCB mobile app. But then a number of people haven't been able to register on it, which is the first of probably about five steps to access said live stream. Rumours were that the event was to start at 5.30pm. As stated earlier, no official word at all.

Mar 19, 2024 5:17 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The WPL champions arrive as well

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: There are visuals of the RCB women's team arriving in their bus at the stadium. They are expected to be felicitated today.

Mar 19, 2024 5:06 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Some activity in the stadium

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Nothing yet for those who have not been able to make it. There are rumours now that RCB may have ditched their plan to put up a working paid live streaming link on their website altogether and may stream the event on their Youtube channel, as they did the last two seasons. Meanwhile the live band have started jamming something up on the stage in the stadium. Other rumours state that the event might start at 5.30. Strictly nothing official from the franchise.

Mar 19, 2024 4:52 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The stands filling up, a glimpse of the new jersey

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Still no word on the live streaming link but the stands have filled up. There are also discretely taken videos on social media of Virat Kohli chatting with Faf du Plessis indoors as they wait for the event to start. The pair are wearing the new RCB jersey and it seems almost exactly the same as the one that can be seen in the leaked pictures.

Mar 19, 2024 4:43 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: No live streaming yet

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The event was supposed to start at 4pm but there has been no indication of the franchise putting up the link for the live stream. Fans aren't too happy about this situation on social media, to put it mildly. Most say that they have already shelled out the Rs.99 that had to be paid to access the stream.

Mar 19, 2024 4:31 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The new jersey

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: There have been no official announcements but leaked images, and guesses based on the training kits, show that RCB may have replaced the black in their jersey with blue. Judging from the reaction on social media, there aren't too many fans who are happy with this decision. The franchise has not made it any better for themselves with the delay in uploading the live streaming link, which fans had to pay for.

Mar 19, 2024 4:13 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The players are out there

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The RCB stars could be seen knocking a football around on the ground minutes before the start of the event. Meanwhile, there is some delay in getting the live stream up on the franchise's website and app.

Mar 19, 2024 3:48 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Just over 10 minutes to go!

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Allright then, it is all simmering up nicely at the Chinnaswamy. The fans are finding their seats at the stadium, the stage looks all set.

Mar 19, 2024 3:38 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The players have arrived!

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: There will be a full practice session today before the event and the team bus have rolled by the gates where hundreds of fans have welcomed the players.

Mar 19, 2024 3:27 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The WPL champions to be honoured

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Smriti Mandhana and Co. sent the RCB fan base into a frenzy by winning the WPL title on Sunday. The men's team have famously been unable to lift the title even once despite often possessing some of the biggest names in the game in their lineups over the years. Mandhana is set to be felicitated during the event today.

Mar 19, 2024 3:19 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Soundcheck for Alan Walker's set

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The Norwegian DJ, of 'Faded' fame, has composed RCB's team song for IPL 2024 and he will be performing today at the Chinnaswamy Stadium. Counting down the minutes...

Mar 19, 2024 3:10 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: 50 mins to go

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Alright then. Less than an hour to go. The anticipation builds. Plenty of suspense. A name change in store, and new jerseys to be launched. And of course, there is Virat Kohli… and over 40000 people filling the stadium. Couple all of it with some dazzling performances of some of India and world's renowned music artists, and to top it all, the arrival of the RCB Women's team to celebrate their grand success of winning the second edition of the WPL. Just thought we will remind you so you don't miss it. The countdown begins…

Mar 19, 2024 3:00 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: If RCB's practice jersey is any indication…

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Then we could be in for a big surprise as far as the new jersey launch is concerned. The practice jerseys wearing which the likes of Kohli, Maxwell, Lockie Ferguson and other trained, were all red and blue, with no appearance of gold. Could this be another big change in direction RCB could be moving towards. Then again, the pads remain golden as batting visuals from yesterday proves. But in terms of jerseys, blue is a colour that's graced almost every team. Mumbai Indians and Lucknow Super Giants already sported it, while Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings too have joined the race. Oh please god, let there be no further blue on RCB.

Mar 19, 2024 2:50 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The crowd has already started building up!

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Madness. That’s the only word that can define the fan craze that's building up outside the Chinnaswamy. There's still a good one hour left before the event starts but the number of people flocking the stadium is making it look as if Virat Kohli is batting on 90 in a World Cup match. Only he is capable of triggering such an emotion. Remember, Kohli hasn't been seen in almost two months, and his return only promises to make today's event a house full.

Mar 19, 2024 2:40 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Wait! Is this RCB preparing for WrestleMania?

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The visuals sure make it seem so. That's a WWE set right there. Giant screens, speakers and an open-roof stadium. And of course, a king-sized image of Kohli on one of the screens. All that is missing now are the fans. Last year was the first time in a while that the IPL returned to Bengaluru and it turned out to be a memorable homecoming. The Chinnaswamy is all decked up. Are you?

Mar 19, 2024 2:30 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: RCB's sports-lifestyle initiative which you may not be familiar with

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Last year, RCB took a big step towards merging sports with lifestyle and to ensure the two entities flourish, the RCB Innovation Lab was introduced. The RCB innovation is pretty much a first in Indian sports that brings ideas, theories and concepts together to help shape the future indicating a trailblazing intersection between sports and business. The idea of this step is to innovate, ideate and build a platform where aspects of sports, cricket, business, media and technology can come together. This will also help leaders and innovators to share their stories and brands which thus promises a future with no limitations and endless opportunities.

Mar 19, 2024 2:20 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Pandemonium over RCB Unbox price!

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: A big section of the Indian cricket fans must envy those in Bengaluru right now, more so the ones who have access to the Chinnaswamy today. As for those who aren't and wish to be part of the RCB Unbox, they can watch it on the RCB website and its app. But here's a catch. You'll have to shell out 99 for the six-hour-long event, a decision that hasn't sat well with the public. On one hand, the IPL is being streamed for free, but for RCB to charge 99 for an event isn't not what the public wants, at least for a pre-season event. What do you think? Is this justified?

Mar 19, 2024 2:10 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Who are the performers for today?

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: To set your pulse racing, RCB are pulling out all the stops. Not only does the RCB Unbox give the fans a chance to get close to their favourite cricketers, performers like Alan Walker, Raghu Dixit and Neeti Mohan will set the temp for the evening. Walker has in fact come up with a brand-new song for RCB ahead of IPL 2024 – possibly a new anthem – and will reveal the same during his 3-minute long set today. Meanwhile, Dixit, who recently performed at the Lollapalooza, is also here to dazzle what promises to be a memorable evening.

Mar 19, 2024 2:00 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: VIRAT KOHLI is back!

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: "Waah yaar, kya baat hai," said Virat Kohli as he made his much-awaited return to the RCB camp. Spotted for the first time since January 23, the day he left the Indian team two days before the start of the England Test series due to 'personal reasons', Kohli is back to competitive cricket. Speaking for the first time since returning, Kohli said he can't wait for the season to start and insisted that although he was away, he hasn't missed anything that's happened on the field. Later, he took on the field, and as expected, the guy did not miss a beat. Well, just Kohli things.

Mar 19, 2024 1:50 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Gayle, de Villiers in RCB Hall of Fame

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Last year, the RCB added a prestigious Hall of Fame initiative where legends Chris Gayle and AB de Villiers were added in the class of 2023 for their contributions in RCB becoming the global brand that it is today. After all, when you think of RCB, the one name that comes to behind after Virat Kohli is either Gayle or Villiers. The two pioneers of RCB's batting over the years, Gayle, de Villiers and Kohli formed the strongest and the most star-studded batting line-ups of all time. But alas, even their combined brilliance could not win RCB the IPL trophy. Two of those three are retired, which shifts the attention back to Kohli. And there is a full possibility of the franchise inducting Kohli, their most experienced player of all time, to the RCB Hall of Fame.

Mar 19, 2024 1:40 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: What happened at the first RCB Unbox in 2022?

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Flashback to 2022! When yours truly had the opportunity to cover the first-ever RCB Unbox in Bengaluru. The highlight of the event was a press-conference that kicked things off, where Faf du Plessis was officially named captain of the franchise, taking over the reins after Virat Kohli had decided to step down as skipper the season before. The PC was followed by a select media interaction where the likes of Harshal Patel, Mohammed Siraj and coach Mike Hesson shared interesting insights with media personnel. And finally, to cap off an eventful day, the late KK produced an enthralling performance. Kohli and some of the Indian stars could not be part of the Unbox as just a couple of kilometers away, they were playing a Test match against Sri Lanka at the Chinnaswamy.

Mar 19, 2024 1:30 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: RCB likely to do away with 'Bangalore'

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Oh no! Don't get the wrong idea. When we say RCB to do away with Bangalore, we mean that the franchise is likely to part ways with the term 'Bangalore' likely to replace it with Bengaluru. In 2014, the city of Bangalore was officially renamed to Bengaluru but the franchise didn't implement yet… until now. In a teaser dropped by RCB on their social media handle, the rechristening will take place today, and once done, RCB will join the likes of Delhi Capitals, Punjab Kings and the now-defunct Rising Pune Supergiant to ring in a name change.

Mar 19, 2024 1:20 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The new RCB jersey launch

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: IPL 2024 seems to be the season of new jerseys. All teams have rejigged their gears and while most have been revealed, including Kolkata Knight Riders just yesterday – RCB will unveil their brand-new jersey during the unbox. But the bigger question remains: Will a change in jersey bring about a much-needed change in luck too? RCB desperately need a bit of it to do what they haven't all these years. And that is to win an IPL trophy. They've come close thrice – in 2009, 2011 and 2016 – when they reached the final but only to return empty-handed. Last year, RCB didn't even qualify for the playoffs. With Faf du Plessis set to lead an exciting team, he would be hoping to follow the girls and end a 16-year-long wait.

Mar 19, 2024 1:10 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: RCB Women to be part of the RCB Unbox

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: How cool were the girls of the RCB, who just two days ago gave the franchise their biggest gift – the Women's Premier League trophy. Yes, the women were able to accomplish in just the second season what their men counterparts haven't done in 16. The Royal Challengers Bangalore Women defeated Delhi Capitals Women by 8 wickets in the final of the WPL to emerge winners and give the cricket fans in Bengaluru their biggest moment under the sun. And to honour this achievement, the girls will be in attendance at the RCB Unbox as the entire city gets the chance to get behind them once more and celebrate the success.

A couple of weeks ago, the sight of Richa Ghosh and Shreyanka Patil down on their hunches following a one-run-defeat, made for a highly heartbreaking moment. From there to have won the WPL trophy against the very team that shattered them is the perfect redemption.

Mar 19, 2024 1:00 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: How to get tickets for RCB Unbox

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: If you're reading this now, you're probably already late. Tickets for the RCB Unbox event are pretty much sold out. These were available on the RCB platform – website and app – with the prices ranging from INR 800 to 4000. But then again, now may not be the right time to go for it as there's only three hours left for the event to begin. And if you're expecting some good news, there's almost zero chance you'll get one. But hey! Look up X and other social media platforms. You never know, someone may be willing to give their tickets/tickets up.

Mar 19, 2024 12:50 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Will AB de Villiers be at the Chinnaswamy today?

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Unfortunately, the answer is no. As much as AB de Villiers wants to be present for the big Unbox event, for now he is not in India. Last week, de Villiers had revealed while speaking on his YouTube channel that although he's been handed out an invitation by Virat Kohli to spend time with him and some of the players ahead of the season, ABD's hands were tied due to his broadcasting duties during the IPL. Mr. 360 will head to Mumbai – his first stop in India – and while there is uncertainty over the possibility of his link-up with RCB, he isn't totally non-committal towards it.

Mar 19, 2024 12:40 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: The Universe Boss is in the house

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: It's been seven years since Chris Gayle last played for RCB, but the Universe Boss retains an undying connection with the franchise. In 2018, RCB decided to part ways with Chris Gayle, making way for the big-hitting West Indies to play the last three seasons of his IPL career with Punjab Kings. But what makes Gayle and RCB stick together even after all these years is the fact that there was no bad blood when it was time to say goodbye. So as RCB gear up for a fresh shot at IPL glory, who better than Gayle himself to spice things up. The Universe Boss is in the house; he was at the ground yesterday as Kohli, de Plessis and Glenn Maxwell underwent their first training session together and soaked in all the cheers that came his way. RCB loves Gayle and AB de Villiers the same way as Kohli, Maxwell and others. And why not. RCB isn't just a team; it's an emotion.

Mar 19, 2024 12:30 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: King Kohli has a new look ahead of RCB Unbox

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: He's done it again. Fresh from a break following the birth of his son Akaay, Kohli is back to competitive cricket and how. By sporting another new look that only adds more to the 'can't wait for Kohli' to return spirit. Kohli has been going to the famous hairstylist Aalim Hakim for a while now, and each time he steps out, he looks different, this one being no exception. The eyebrow slit from 2013 makes a return, so is the faded look above the temple area with a big chunk on the back of the head. Our man looks dapper as always, and ready for the big unbox. If that hasn't got you excited enough, we wonder what will.

Mar 19, 2024 12:20 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: What is the RCB Unbox? An explainer

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: So in plain terms, it's a pre-season event hosted by RCB that creates some buzz ahead of a fresh season. Not that RCB and its huge fanbase need an additional initiative to hype up the franchise, but it's an effort from the top bosses to repay fans for the love and support they've shown throughout the years. There are PCs, media interactions, fan exchanges, signing, dancing and of course, build-up to the IPL. The RCB unbox event personifies the razzmatazz and the glamour that the IPL is about. The perfect blend of sports and entertainment comes to the Chinnaswamy today, two days ahead of RCB's season opener against Chennai Super Kings.

Mar 19, 2024 12:10 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: RCB, a franchise with a fan following like no other

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: For a team that is yet to win an IPL title, RCB have an incredible fan following. For the last 16 seasons, people have gotten behind the Red and Gold hoping to end their wait for an elusive title. But despite not a single trophy-winning campaign, there is no dip in the fandom. In fact, it only has grown bigger with every passing year. The term 'Ee Sala Cup Namde' (This year the Cup is ours) has long surpassed 'Paltan', 'Knights' or 'Yellow Army', and as RCB embark on another season full of promise, the cheers, the chants, the madness is expected to quadruple as compared to the seasons before. RCB fans, let' go!

Mar 19, 2024 12:00 PM IST

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Hello and welcome!

RCB Unbox Event 2024 LIVE: Hey y'all. If you're an RCB fan, what a day it promises to be. And if you're not, you may not want to give this a miss. The IPL franchise with one of the biggest fan-following, the Royal Challengers Bangalore are here to take you on a ride like no other… with the unparalleled RCB Unbox event. The first two editions were a bumper hit with the fans, but this one promises to be bigger than ever. The reasons are many, starting with the RCB women's title triumph in the WPL, which sets the perfect platform for the men to follow.

Are you ready? You better be.

News cricket RCB Unbox Event 2024 Highlights: RCB now Royal Challengers Bengaluru; new jersey colours revealed