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Netizen's experience with DU admissions

My cousin sisters volunteered to help me with the process of my admission for which I was nervous as hell.
Hindustan Times | By HT Correspondent, New Delhi
UPDATED ON JUN 08, 2008 12:40 PM IST

My cousin sisters volunteered to help me with the process of my admission for which I was nervous as hell. They were former students of DU and said they’ll have to figure out things afresh, but were game for it for my sake. The newspapers, to begin with, were a great help, as they had all the information put down in a very systematic manner. As a result, we had a good start as it prepared me for the unknown.

Then came the morning of 2nd June. Gargi was where we started, since it was one of the centers for the centralized forms. My sisters were agog with the new system which has been introduced by DU for applying in various collages and courses through just one form and also an array of counsellors to give you guidance and sound advice. “We had to hop and skip from college to college in our times” they said “not to mention the tan we ended up with right at the beginning of college and an occasional faint (not entirely on account of the summer heat but more due a faint heart.).

As we stood in the line for the form we saw a photographer from one of the leading newspapers clicking our picture. My cousin smiled her charming smile and gleefully posed for the camera. “Boy, even admissions are fun now,” they said.

Our next stop was a college with a specialized course where you needed to fill up the forms submitted by that college. My cousins incidentally, were the alumni from there. And while I stood and waited in the line for the form I looked at my sisters who suddenly seemed to have a far away look in their eyes. As they caught my eye, they smiled, adding that they had been transported to another era (as they put it) and were full of nostalgia. I couldn’t help but wonder at the journey they had made this far, at how college had changed them from school girls to the poised women they were today. I could see their eyes well up and we smiled.

Seeing them like that I realized that I am to begin a very special journey that stays with you forever, an experience you cherish and value all your life, irrespective of college or course. I also realized that these few years are what matter as we stand on the threshold of becoming an independent person, with ideals to follow, dreams to fulfill and a niche to carve.

Such is life. As I stand on the bridge between school and college life, with no idea of what is to happen next, the only thing that keeps me going are my dreams, my hopes and the excitement of a whole new life ahead of me. And believe it or, standing there in that queue to fill up the college forms, I felt that there was nothing I wanted more at this point of time, than to get into a good college and start a whole new chapter of my life. Seeing my excitement, my sisters smiled at me and I smiled back. If I could I would have shouted at the top of my voice at that time - Dear college life, here I come! By Supriya Sharma

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