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A week of first impressions

It has been seven days since DU colleges opened their gates for freshers. Our CJs share varied experiences and impressions of these initial days
Hindustan Times | By Rishabh Suri, New Delhi
UPDATED ON AUG 01, 2014 02:36 PM IST

It feels like just yesterday that you were rejoicing over your Class 12 results, doesnt it? But I am sure that like me, nearly all of you are relieved that the determined battle (despite all odds) to secure admission to your dream college and pursue your favourite subject after overcoming a slew of hurdles (the much-dreaded cut-off lists and the very exhausting admission process) is now a thing of the past. Hey presto! College life has begun.

Moving to college entails a whirlwind of emotions. Students are anxious, excited, nervous, happy, sad and so utterly and completely confused. There are many important questions waiting to be answered — What should I wear on the first day? What will my seniors be like? Will I make new friends or will I be subjected to ragging?
There’s really no real way to avoid the frenzy and madness at this point. One needs to take it easy and embrace this once-in-a-lifetime moment, ie entering your college for the first time, as an official student. With so much going around: the volunteers helping you get to your class, college societies inviting you to join, hundreds of other freshers like you searching for their classes, the canteen food luring you with its aroma… you aren’t able to think for a moment! And then, there’s the initial nervousness of meeting new people.

Meeting new people is the most important part of the first week. Finding people with similar likes and dislikes is the best thing that you can expect at this stage of college life. So being an introvert obviously will not help you. Be genuine, instead of putting on a fake personality. Don’t be too conscious about yourself.

Spontaneity is the name of the game. In fact, if you accidentally do something awkward, it can actually turn into a funny moment and end up breaking the ice with your classmates. Don’t shy away from going up to a new person and saying hello. Who knows…you might have a new friend at the end of the day!

Coming to the ‘Big one’—ragging. If you call funny introductions, acting, singing, and dancing on hilarious songs — ‘ragging’, then yes, it does take place. The seniors aren’t ‘rude’ or ‘cruel’ as they are perceived to be. Actually, they try to make you feel comfortable and welcome to the college by breaking the ice through general interactions.

There is no sugar-coating the fact that the first week in college will shock you. Remember, how in school you were spoon-fed by the teachers, telling you what to do, what not to do, what to study, how to study, and also how you were punished sometimes for not attending the class, or using your mobile phone?

In college, you are expected to be mature enough to take your own decisions. The teacher or professor will come to class on time, teach and leave. No one will send a monitor to look for you while you sit in the grounds or the canteen, bunking class! And yes, you can use your cellphone in the class - but remember the semester exams will take a toll on all your indiscretions.

Talking about us CJs, we had an awesome (rather eventful) first week in our colleges and two of us are still waiting for engineering colleges to begin later this week. If the first week was so much fun and interesting, we really can’t wait for what’s next!

Anwesha Padhy,Amity International School

Engineering my dreams

After all the ups and downs I went through, I am now officially a computer science engineering student at Delhi Technological University (DTU). It wasn’t an easy choice though. Confusion had clouded my mind till the very last minute. Engineering or English, I had debated. I even paid my admission fee at Lady Sri Ram College. But eventually, I think, the fact that I worked so hard for the past two years to clear my engineering entrances made me choose engineering.

I realised that it is possible to further my existing knowledge of the English language alongside my engineering studies. The other way round may not be easy. So, I chose a life where I will be surrounded by machines.

Now, I am waiting for classes to begin because engineering school does not start until next week. However, my fellow CJs have already spent an amazing week in their respective colleges. They are talking about their incredible teachers and wonderful seniors. I have to admit that I am a bit jealous of them. But I have been to my college for the counseling session and am sure that the experience that awaits me is worth the wait.

I am especially looking forward to living in a hostel. After all there are many legends about friendships forged in hostel rooms. The uninhibited mischiefs and the hilarious pranks - it all sounds so alluring.

Everything is just perfect. I cannot wait to live my dream.

Yusra Hasan, Mater Dei School

An instant feeling of love and belonging

I stumbled through the main gate of Miranda House almost 15 minutes late for my orientation programme. I somehow located the auditorium and entered the heavily packed room feeling a bit too anxious. About two hours later, I exited the hall with the biggest smile plastered across my face. This is where I belonged.
After the main orientation, students headed towards the rooms allotted for their respective department’s orientation and got to meet their classmates (aka future-friends-forever) for the first time. It’s amazing how all those new faces have become really good friends within a week!

Miranda House is known for it’s enviable campus and rightly so. I’m not even trying to sing praises of my own college when I say that the campus is so amazing that you cannot help but fall in love!

The entire first week was a blast! Right from the awe-inspiring infrastructure, the incredible faculty, the huge lawns, the cafeteria, the sports area, to the course syllabus!
I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I look forward to ‘studying’! Till now I always thought that school life is better than college. life.
But now I have a feeling that I will enjoy my college days more than my school days.

Parnika Singhal,St Thomas’ School

At home and at ease

On July 21, the endless vacations finally came to an end as we stepped into the most awaited sphere of life - college life. My first week in college was a dream come true. On the first day I entered the college gates with mixed feelings. I was excited and nervous at the same time. But during the course of the day my apprehensions disappeared and to my surprise I felt much at home and at ease. I took time to enjoy both the small and big facets of my college, now my second home for three years. I enjoyed walking through the passage (flanked by lush green lawns on either side) towards the enormous red brick building called SRCC. While I was marvelling at the centrally air conditioned campus, I met some old acquaintances and many seniors who asked me if I was the same person who worked with HT! Throughout the week seniors introduced us to different societies. They also apprised us of the anti-ragging squad in the college. Freshers were neither ragged nor given any wrong directions which in itself was very encouraging. After each lecture we had to switch rooms. This led to chaos and in the process we got introduced to all our classmates.

All the teachers tried to befriend every one of us and gave us short presentations on their method of teaching. During the 45-minute break we went to the canteen to gorge on the delicious paneer cutlets, vegetable sandwiches and spring rolls. All in all, a great start.

Apoorv Gupta, Cambridge School

A new chapter begins in the journey of our lives

Classes have started in most of the DU colleges and the tension and stress relating to results, admissions and preparing for the first day in college has finally left us. We are now free to actually feel the excitement that the start of college life unfailingly bestows on every student.

Classes in my college are yet to start, but the visits (during the admission process) have given me a fair idea of what I can and cannot expect. After all, before we (freshers) even attend our first few classes, we invariably read and hear so much about our colleges that we are actually better apprised and updated than the official website and prospectus. Needless to say, one is most curious about the quality of teachers and the overall crowd in a college. I have a fair idea of the campus and the canteen, from my first visit. To say the least both are impressive. The hangout spots near the canteen also seemed fairly inviting. SRM is known for the high profile it maintains, which is a relief when compared to the casual attitude of people in the offices of many other colleges.

Attending classes wearing casuals and interacting with seniors are a few things about college life, a marked change from school life, that every student eagerly looks forward to experiencing in the first week. I look forward to making new friends and acquaintances.

Neeraj V Murali, Rishabh Public School

Cheers to the start of some fun-filled times

I am bubbling with excitement as I recount my experiences in college. At the outset I must say that college life is great fun. It was interesting to note the differences between college and school. School is an institution of well set boundaries whereas college lets you draw the boundaries. The first week has been a blur for me; yet I think I will savour these moments for long. The first day sheer nervousness and self-induced fear engulfed me till the time I reached the college gates. Once inside, the reassuring attitude of the seniors and professors allayed my fears. There was pulsating excitement all around! On the first day, every two hours or so, a group of seniors popped in to have a fun-filled introduction class! As the day progressed, new friends were made and new bonds forged. All the freshers explored the campus and checked out the canteen. Buying text books and checking out the nearby market was quite easy; provided we had the patience to surf through hundreds of things. We eventually got used to the things that we did not have in school - lectures instead of classes, a great deal of free time and of course the freedom to leave as and when we wanted to. A week has passed but it seems like a lifetime. I look forward to a fun-filled
college life.

Rishabh Suri, Ramjas School

Of pleasant introductions

Ifell in love with Kirori Mal College after entering the campus for the first time officially as a student. The amazing infrastructure was just one of the many attractions. The first day was a day of jitters. Where is my class? Who are my classmates? Will the seniors be rude? Will there be ragging? The list of questions was endless. Nervous, I attended my orientation, soon after which the seniors barged into the room for the mandatory (and much dreaded) introduction. But to our surprise the introduction turned out to be great fun. Singing, dancing, acting (courtesy me) - everyone enjoyed themselves, with the seniors never forcing anyone to do anything. They even asked us to leave if we felt uncomfortable! The first day came to a close after the ice-breaking session with the seniors ended.

The rest of the week saw us freshers (about 102 students) being divided into sections, which only led to more confusion. Our professors asked us to utilise the first week to settle down and relax. I got to know some of my classmates. Few of them are from far-flung places in India.

Only after talking to them did I realise that every student wants to be in a prestigious north campus college. The lectures gave us a peek into what lay ahead in our course, starting with the basics. And I must also mention, that the professors are really cool.

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