Debate: Is changing smartphones often good for the environment?

Updated on Jun 28, 2019 03:00 PM IST

Students debate on whether changing smartphones often is good for the environment?

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(AFP Photo)

FOR THE ARGUMENT (By Shivam Sati, 10 D, St Francis High School, Bhayandar)

Cell phones or mobile phones have become an important part of our daily lives.

Today, it is difficult to imagine our life without a cell phone as most of our work is done using cell phones.

With mobile phones, you can communicate with anyone from anywhere at any time. Day-byday, these devices are getting smaller in size and lighter in weight. Such features make them easy to carry.

They are not just to help you in making calls but also entertain you by allowing you to play games, listen to music and do other things such as online chatting, billing and banking.

Operated by systems like Android, Apple iOS and Windows, phones have become mandatory devices as they can be used for education as well as.

Smartphones should be only used for 2 years and not more than that as they can make a considerable impact on your own carbon footprint. The smartphone repre

sents a fast-growing segment of ICT companies like Samsung and Apple which are already into recycling .

AGAINST THE ARGUMENT (By Dhruv Singh, 10 E, St Francis High School, Bhayandar)

It is true that mobile phones can help students in studies but only if they use them wisely.

Most of the students become

addicted to mobile phones and are found playing games, chatting with their friends and watching movies and other things

If students are keeping their eyes on their mobile phones at all times, they would not get time for studying which would lead to poor grades.

There is high risk of an accident if you are talking on the mobile phone while driving as it distracts you from the road.

Researches have also claimed that mobile phones have a negative impact on the health of an individual.

Cell phones are the most personal device to us and we should make optimal use of them.

Buying anew smartphone consum es more energy than using an existing phone. It directly increases the carbon footprint.

It is greener to use your old phone than to upgrade to a new one. Smartphones are also the culprits when it comes to CO2 emission due to servers and data centres across the world.

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