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Of endings and new beginnings

Here’s a final adieu from our campus journalists as they get set for classes and come to grips with college life. We wish them all the very best for a successful and joyous future!

education Updated: Jul 30, 2013 12:32 IST
Jasmine Bhalla
Jasmine Bhalla
Hindustan Times

They say that every new beginning is preceded by an end. And today, as we enter into the portals of college life, we bid farewell to everything that is part of school, which sadly is now a thing of the past. We are entering a phase of life that is packed with countless opportunities and interesting possibilities and are understandably excited and nostalgic at the same time.

Interestingly, each of us carry our own image of college life, conjured by a plethora of tales that we heard from our parents, siblings and cousins about their college days. And we all admit that these tales are intriguing enough to make us look forward to this new life.

Needless to say, just like you dear readers, we too have embarked on this sojourn of four years after encountering a number of hits and misses and finally we are in our first few days of college and exploring its various aspects. The start has been different for each of us and as I go on to describe individual experiences I believe that some or all of these will strike a chord with you.

For me, the experience of walking into the coveted Hindu College for the first time as a student was nothing short of ecstasy. My seniors told me that it was easy to identify me as a fresher as all freshers invariably display enthusiasm.

Tarana was filled with a sense of enchantment when she entered Lady Shri Ram College. The history and laurels of this college unarguably has this effect on a newcomer. For Kritika, the IP campus had a mesmerising effect and her anxieties and apprehensions instantly faded once she actually walked into the campus grounds. Vritti experienced a sense of pride in being part of SRCC and her first days turned out to be hectic but enjoyable. Ummang’s first few days in college were packed with surprises.

Geetika, Premanshu and Ali’s experiences were slightly different. Geetika, who feels fortunate to be part of Lady Shri Ram College is currently attending a global conference in the US and Ali, who is joining a university in Japan, is happy because within a short span of 50 days he will be a part of the international student community. Premanshu, on the other hand, is taking a gap year to prepare for the IIT JEE exam.

As we formally began our college sojourn our stint as CJs comes to an end. All of us are experiencing a pang of sadness while bidding adieu to this very educative yet fun-filled journey. The two-and- a-half months of endless discussions, animated debates, gossip sessions, fights, deadlines and most importantly our friendship shall be cherished for years to come. Some assignments have been particularly interesting and special. For instance, updating our readers on the latest campus gossip translated to some very enjoyable and memorable moments that we will cherish throughout our lives.

We are grateful to the editorial team at HT Education for giving us this wonderful opportunity for refining our editorial and leadership skills. I personally feel that each of my fellow CJs is very special in his/her own way.

Be it Vritti’s goofiness, Geetika’s witty arguments, Kritika’s punctuality, Tarana’s thought-provoking ideas, Ummang’s succinct replies, Prem’s positivity or Ali’s articulate writing style (that makes many of us envious), I shall miss them all and am sure the others feel the same way. Also I have to say that each team member has an enthusiasm that is infectious.

I have said all that deserved to be said at this juncture. However, do not for a second think that this marks the conclusion of the final chapter. A lot of chapters are yet to be written, a lot of surprises are yet to be encountered and a lot of missions are yet to be conquered.

So do keep in mind that though our journey as campus journalists has come to an end, this is not the final adieu from us… we might just surface someday, sometime with something new.

Editor's list
Given everyone’s jam-packed schedules (college has begun) we held the meeting via the aid of smartphones!

1. Setting up the edit meet
The edit meet was held on Whatsapp! and I got the opportunity to be the editor yet again. I must admit that it felt good to boss over the others

2. Theme of the week
The CJs talk about their first few days at college and how wonderfully they are able to settle in the relatively strange and unknown environment

3. Tasks set out
Writing articles describing personal experiences in the first week of college and blogging about the same

4. The most disciplined journo
The title goes to Tarana. She was the only one who willingly sent in her article within a few hours!

5. Work I did this week
Instructing the CJs to send in their articles within the stipulated time frame and coordinating with them on the same. I did fret and fume when some of them did faltered on delivery and timelines!

6. ...and next week’s editor is
Disappointingly, the regular feature of Campus Journalists now comes to an end. We carry some special memories that we shall cherish forever

Jasmine Bhalla, St Thomas’ School

The night before the orientation day of my college I was frantically tossing and turning on my bed. The excitement of being a part of my grandfather’s alma mater, Hindu college, was now palpable. Finally, when the day arrived I went ahead with uncertainty but returned with a sense of rapture and pride. From watching street plays performed by the Ibtida crowd to exploring each and every part of the campus with amazement – we were surely in awe of the college! The seniors are amiable and approachable and provided a comfortable ambience for the first year students. I was glad to see a few familiar faces from my school and befriended some very interesting people. I cannot wait to be a part of the different societies of the college. And yes, today I finally admit with pride that I’m a Hinduite

Vritti Gandhi, Holy Child Auxilium School

Excitement and apprehension were clearly the two emotions that were uppermost in my mind in the first day of college. I walked in through the gates of my college, taking pride in the fact that I could ­actually call it my college. The first week turned out to be like a roller coaster ride. Wading through water to and from the Metro station, catching a glimpse of Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra, singing ­­randomly – the first week had it all! With four long years lying ahead of me, I move forward in anticipation, all the while hoping that I manage to survive at the end of it all

Kritika Narula, St Margaret Senior Secondary School

I waited with bated breath and butterflies in my stomach for college to begin. I was very apprehensive at the prospect of a completely new environment, new people, new routine! I wanted to make an auspicious beginning to college life. So, before attending my college orientation, I went to my school to seek the blessings of my beloved teachers. Bidding adieu to my school, I marched towards my college, while still on tenterhooks. The first day at college was spent exploring the territory. I fell in love with the library and canteen, strolled in the parks and laughed at the insanely hectic class schedule! But as they say, change is the only constant. One fact I have learnt already: books in college libraries smell different!

Ummang Sharma Bajpai, The Indian School

As I entered the college, there were multiple things running in my head. Sure, I had researched and even written about the place, but to be a part of it was something different. The college orientation was not too long and the principal gave a rather invigorating and encouraging speech. After his speech was over I finally realised that school was indeed over and now a new era had begun. Next, I along with the rest of the freshers, attended the subject orientation. It is here that I met my classmates and faculty incharge who meticulously guided us through the pattern of classes. All in all, I like the pulse of my college – it’s always bustling with activity and has a cheerful feeling. Interestingly the crowd here is quite diverse and cosmopolitan and at this stage we’re busy getting to know each other! I must say that the long Metro rides to college are worth it!

Geetika Ahuja, Summer Fields School

As my fellow CJs and friends take on the first day of college, I departed from New York, a city that I fell in love with within a short span of time. The last ten days ­witnessed my metamorphosis from a former head girl to a flag bearer of my nation, as I engaged in debates and ­deliberations with children from over 50 countries. All this culminated in a global summit at the UN ­headquarters. As I head back home with life ­altering experiences and defining moments, I eagerly look forward to four long years in Lady Shri Ram College (LSR) For Women. I wonder if life can get any ­better!

Premanshu Tripathi, Kendriya Vidyalaya, JNU

It was always my dream to study at an IIT. This year, I was close to cracking the entrance test and hence I am confident that I will surely succeed next year. Consequently, I am dropping this year to prepare for the JEE. Preparations are tiring work so inorder to de-stress myself I play football during the weekend. I must admit that dropping a year is not easy. At times, a lot of frustration crops up and insecurities cloud your mind. But during these times one has to stay focused and guard against any form of depression or negativity. I do the same. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. I am hoping for the best and hopefully will secure a seat in an IIT

Chaudhary Ali Mardan Khan, DPS, Indirapuram

After reading disgruntled posts on social networking sites about insipid college orientations, I consider myself really lucky to be in the league of international students. But, I must admit that when I saw my friends attend their first day at college, I longed to be one among them. After all seeing them in trendy college attire at some of the coolest joints in the city (while bunking a class) was too tempting. Since our stint as CJ’s too is over there is nothing great to do at present. However, I am looking forward for another internship, till I fly off. But as of now, the 50 day countdown has begun, the excitement is mounting and I am sure, I will be content and happy once I actually join the league of international students

Tarana Faroqi, Sardar Patel Vidyalaya

After my brief holiday in Bangalore, the most anticipated day arrived……more specifically my first day at LSR. Everything was meticulously planned, from the shoes that I shall be wearing to the bag that I shall be carrying. The night before I was very excited but also a bit skeptical. As I entered the campus I got the feeling that I was walking into a fashion show. Guccis and Pradas were flaunted everywhere and I felt a little out of place. I started chatting with the girls and clicked instantly with many. I am glad to say that the girls at LSR are easygoing and friendly. Finally, the orientation session began and I must say I thought it would be like yet another boring lecture. Surprisingly, and pleasantly, it wasn’t so. The principal’s speech was truly inspiring. The best part of her speech was that in LSR one comes to know the difference between fashion and style as the college teaches style. She calls this the LSR magic! The vice chancellor and his team gave us a surprise visit as well!

First Published: Jul 30, 2013 12:28 IST