Flashy-Flash's hunt for Manako ignites fan speculation in One-Punch Man

Jun 04, 2023 09:12 AM IST

Fans go wild as Flashy-Flash embarks on a quest to find Manako in One-Punch Man's latest chapter.

The latest chapter of fan-favourite anime One-Punch Man has sent fans into a frenzy as Flashy-Flash embarks on a quest to find Manako, a peculiar monster.

Flashy-Flash's quest for Monako. (Image Credit: Yusuke Murata)
Flashy-Flash's quest for Monako. (Image Credit: Yusuke Murata)

Known as Oculette in the English translation, Manako played a significant role alongside Saitama and Flashy-Flash within the Monster Association's headquarters.

Their encounter with the enigmatic and malevolent entity known as “God” piqued Flashy-Flash's curiosity, driving him to seek out Manako for insights into these mysteries.

Fans, however, have playfully speculated that Flashy-Flash's true motivation is to reunite with his beloved monster.

One-Punch Man’s crack ship-Flashy-Flash and Manako

The unusual dynamic between Flashy-Flash and Manako caught the attention of fans, especially when Saitama entrusted Flashy-Flash with the task of watching over Manako after their escape. This sparked widespread interest in the peculiar pairing. Their bond was further strengthened when Manako risked everything to revive the defeated Flashy-Flash, even putting herself in harm's way when faced with Sweet Mask's attack.

Image Credit: Yusuke Murata
Image Credit: Yusuke Murata

In a show of gratitude, the long ice-blonde haired referred to Manako as "an exotic animal" rather than a monster when discussing her with other heroes.

As the dust settled after the downfall of the Monster Association, devotee fans began to wonder about Manako's fate.

With Saitama extending his care to the monsters Overgrown Rover and Black Sperm, speculation arose as to whether Flashy-Flash would similarly provide sanctuary for Manako. But, her whereabouts remained a mystery, as she was not seen after Garou's defeat.

Chapter 185 opens with Flashy-Flash's relentless pursuit for answers. He interrogates a monster, hoping to gather information about both the enigmatic entity known as God and Manako's whereabouts. While his efforts yield no definitive answers, Flashy-Flash's determination to find Manako reignites the meme-worthy ship, sparking playful fan speculation about their relationship. It is worth noting that Flashy-Flash's search suggests that Manako is no longer under his protection, debunking the belief held by many fans that he was keeping her hidden away.

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The dynamic trio of Saitama, Manako, and Flashy-Flash showcased excellent chemistry during their time within the Monster Association's headquarters. As the upcoming story arc unfolds, fans can anticipate the possibility of these three characters reuniting for a new adventure.

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