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Audition nominees

Miss K is what in cinema world they call the ‘starlet’. This is her weekly diary, talking about all the auditions she has been to in her life as a starlet.

entertainment Updated: May 02, 2010 15:30 IST
Miss K

Miss K is what in cinema world they call the ‘starlet’. This is her weekly diary

So I’m done with my siesta. I’m back home! Back to the big mad world of Mumbai. This week I had a meeting with one of the film industry’s biggest casting directors. Thanks to the 200 auditions I have been for, I knew how to handle this, coming across as cool as a cucumber, after beating the bashful heat to get there.

Talking about all the auditions I have been for in my life as a starlet, I shall take you through the best ones. The nominees are:

Chak de India!!
Yes! I auditioned for it! After a coffee shop meeting with the director, I was called for the next round, early the next morning, to a school playground. The hockey field was more like a battle field. There were so many pretty- young-things bouncing around in uber-cool sports gear and make up! It was a Yash Raj Film audition afterall!

We were made to run across the field while the director filmed the stampede. We were being tested on (believe it or not) how we looked while running. Let’s just say running has never been my forte. Then came the hockey. The instructor taught us how to dribble, which I had already learnt, thanks to my homework. As the girls put all their might into getting it right, I happily showed off.

A couple of months down the line, the film’s hoardings hit the city. I wasn’t in it. I went to watch the movie and loved it! None of the girls in it were amongst the ones on the field. After watching it, I realised that all the characters were very distinct and I didn’t fit in anywhere. Fun nonetheless!

Jab we met
I was called on priority for an audition for a biscuit ad. The director remembered me from an earlier audition and asked his assistants to track me down. The audition was a piece of cake. It involved me playing girlfriend to this imaginary guy on a park bench. I was called and told that I was on the shoot and then told that the ‘guy’ was the actor from my childhood favourite movie, QSQT!! There I was, the next morning, on a park bench looking into Aamir Khan’s eyes. I could hardly believe my eyes and luck.

Filmi chakkar
I’m a new kid on the block with the whole gamut of film auditions. A friend from an acting class recommended me for this one. Not many people do this. But I guess it’s my good karma or something. The role was of a cute, bubbly girl and everything that I was told about her reminded me of me! So, I slipped into my little miss giggles T-shirt and shorts, and warmed up walking up and down the room, running my lines in my head on loop. This was the audition that got me my first film!

There’s no bigger high than that of cracking an audition. Thirty out of 200 is not a bad score afterall!