Actor Alisa Khan is also a certified astrologer.
Actor Alisa Khan is also a certified astrologer.

Alisa Khan: I got more famous for my controversies than my films

Actor Alisa Khan talks about her film journey, which started from My Husband’s Wife in 2010, and the numerous controversies she got embroiled in.
By Rishabh Suri
PUBLISHED ON FEB 08, 2021 09:35 PM IST

Alisa Khan believes she is ‘halfway’ already, to make it big in Bollywood. With films such as Maatr (2017) and My Husband’s Wife (2010), and a web project Mayanagri, behind her, she says her journey has been tough but whatever she has achieved is without anyone’s help.

“I always worked hard and believed in myself. I have confidence in me, whatever I am today is all because of my hard work, determination and struggle. Kehta hain na khoon paseena ek karna, that has brought me to this level. I have a long way to go to become a superstar, the way is not easy. I am self made, I don’t have Salman Khan or anybody behind me. Nobody is behind my success,” she says.

She adds that while acting is her profession, her real passion is being an astrologer too. Khan reveals it all started when she got into modelling while in school. “I used to get compliments for my beauty, and then I was attracted towards Bollywood. I started modelling, and did a dozen Punjabi music videos. I got my break then in My Husband’s Wife,” she recalls.

Her family wasn’t too happy with her career choice initially. The actor says, “Later, when my film released, they were really happy and appreciated me. They earlier thought I was just wasting my time, I actually utilized it well.”

What however made bigger news than her films, she says, is the many controversies she became a part of. “One controversy was with Emraan Hashmi, my co star in the film Aaina which is yet to release. He said he doesn’t know who Alisa Khan is. Then another controversy was when my then boyfriend leaked my MMS, then a controversy about my marriage, and me living on the streets or in mandirs and ashrams. I got more famous for my controversies than my films,” says Khan, also a mother to a two-year-old.

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