Navya Naveli Nanda has praised Nirmala Sitharaman.
Navya Naveli Nanda has praised Nirmala Sitharaman.

Amitabh Bachchan's granddaughter Navya Nanda praises Nirmala Sitharaman for 'calling out sexism' during press conference

Navya Naveli Nanda was left impressed by finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman when she 'called out sexism' against a female journalist during a press conference.
PUBLISHED ON FEB 08, 2021 01:24 PM IST

Actor Amitabh Bachchan's granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda shared a video on Instagram Stories on Monday, featuring finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman. In the video, Nirmala is seen getting angry at a man during a press conference, for not allowing a female journalist to ask question.

In the video, the journalist, upon getting a chance to pose questions to the minister, says that she has two questions for her. A man, off camera, tells her that she cannot ask two questions as there are others waiting for their turns. She protests, saying that he did not ask any of the others to stop, at which point, Nirmala also joins in. "Why did you say only to her? You didn't stop the guys," she said.

Navya's Instagram Stories post.
Navya's Instagram Stories post.

Sharing the video, Navya wrote, "Yaaaaaas. More people in power calling out the sexism that exists everyday." Navya is a vocal feminist and mental health advocate. She is the co-owner of Aara health, an organisation dedicated to spreading mental health awareness.

Recently, she talked about being undermined, as a woman in a male-dominated industry, during an Instagram live. “When you are meeting new people for work and talking to them, there is always that...not worry of what they are going to think of you but more internal, where I feel like, 'Oh, we need to prove ourselves.' Especially because in the space that we are in, it is largely dominated by men,” Navya said.

“So whenever we are put in the spotlight, talking to a vendor or a doctor... All of us have been in situations where we are talking to somebody, most likely a man, who is mansplaining and talking to us in a very condescending manner,” she added.

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Navya said that being constantly underestimated, inculcated a need in her to prove herself. “It is those situations where you feel like you need to prove yourself and you don't necessarily do because it is just stupid. But we have all been in those situations and I think that is where the anxiety comes from, which is, 'Why is this person talking to me like I am stupid?' That is where I feel like, 'Okay, I need to prove myself.’ I need to make that impression in the beginning that I know what I am talking about and I don't need you to explain every single thing to me and talk to me in a condescending manner,” she said.

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