As Uday Chopra's existential tweets return, fan asks if he is stressed about something. Check out his reply

  • Uday Chopra recently returned to Twitter after almost a year-long break. On Friday, he sparked a debate about ideas on atheism and God.
Uday Chopra shares ideas about existentialism and theism on Twitter.
Uday Chopra shares ideas about existentialism and theism on Twitter.
Published on Oct 09, 2021 02:37 PM IST
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Former actor Uday Chopra recently returned to Twitter after a long break. On Friday, he shared multiple tweets, sharing his idea about God and why everyone is born an atheist. 

Uday made his first tweet in August after taking a break from the platform in October last year. Now, he has shared a bunch of tweets about science and the way humans have cooked up idea of a God just so they can believe their lives are being controlled by someone powerful in charge.

“As a non believer I don’t get the idea of asking god for things via prayer. When people pray to ask for things they want, isn’t it basically an act of mistrust in their god. For if god already has a plan in mind for you, why are you praying to change the plan in the first place,” he said. “One last thought (well maybe not)if we believe our god(s) to be the one and true and only god (gods) . Who is all powerful and knowing! why do we feel compelled to fight others who disagree with us. Won’t our invincible gods be able to protect themselves against such blasphemers,” he asked in another tweet.

“Another thought: sorry this continues…we are all born atheist… we have to be taught the idea of god, if something is unnatural that should be a sign shouldn’t it,” he wrote another tweet. 

Uday's followers found reason in his arguments. “Unpopular opinion but only @udaychopra is capable of creating such deep intellectual discourse on Twitter. If only he never made pyaar impossible,” wrote one, still not forgiving him for his unpopular movies. “Agree. Well said. Should always have an open mind and look to search for the truth. Should always be ready for guidance,” wrote another. “I loved this existential tweet series,” read another tweet. 

A person asked Uday if he was stressed about something. He replied, “Yup! I stress about a million things daily, can’t even type them out here, there are so many. Why do you ask?” The person replied, “I just felt something was bothering you. Don't overthink. Give yourself a break!”

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Another Twitter user reasoned, “Have to disagree. From my earliest memory I've believed in something greater than our physical existence, it came naturally to me from within.” Uday replied, “Doesn’t make it true. I used to believe I had an imaginary pink dragon friend, turns out, wasn’t real.”

Uday used to share such ideas on Twitter earlier as well. Once, his tweets about death made a few fans worried about his health. He later explained that he was alright and his humour was simply a little dark.

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