Hansal Mehta responds to Kangana Ranaut's tweet about him: 'Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn'

  • Hansal Mehta has responded to Kangana Ranaut's tweet about him, and his fellow filmmakers Anubhav Sinha and Sudhir Mishra.
Kangana Ranaut was the lead in Hansal Mehta's Simran.
Kangana Ranaut was the lead in Hansal Mehta's Simran.
Published on Mar 22, 2021 01:33 PM IST
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Filmmaker Hansal Mehta has responded to actor Kangana Ranaut, who mentioned him and his contemporaries -- filmmakers Anubhav Sinha and Sudhir Mishra -- in a tweet on Sunday. Kangana and Hansal worked together on Simran, and reportedly feuded on set.

On Sunday, Kangana shared a picture of the three filmmakers' January meeting with politician Sharad Pawar. She asked why no eyebrows were raised at the meeting, while she's frequently questioned about her political allegiances.

Hansal, responding to a person's tweet noting that Kangana had forgotten to tag the people she 'was taking potshots at', wrote, "Reminded of the line from Gone With The Wind? Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn."

While Sudhir didn't respond directly, he tweeted in Hindi on Monday, "Kissi unpadh pe has ke aap padhe likhe nahi ho jaate. Agar aapne kismat se jo padh likh liya, usse samjha hota, toh kya hum iss haal mein hote? Toh chup kar. (Laughing at an uneducated person doesn't make you educated. Imagine this, if you'd actually understood what you'd studied, would we be in the situation that we are today? So shut up)."

Kangana and Hansal had differences on the sets of Simran. While he initially didn't speak about it, in recent months he has been vocal about what transpired between them.

Calling working on the film a “painful memory”, Hansal told Huffington Post, “I sometimes wish I never made it. There was no need. It was an unnecessary aberration in my career. It makes me sad, it could’ve been a much better film. It had the potential to be a great film. It used to sadden me but now it’s…It was a painful time. Every day. Beyond that, it’s difficult to speak about it. I don’t even revisit it. There was a time after the film released, I went through a very low phase mentally. Took therapy. The film affected my mental health. I went into a shell, I did not want to meet people. I was in a period of very low self-esteem.”

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In a tweet earlier this year, he called Simran 'a mistake'. Kangana responded to the tweet and wrote, "That’s true Hansal sir, even you will agree with that, I stood by you and now you saying this, feel like singing ‘achcha sila diya tune mere payaar ka (look how you have repaid me for my love)'." Hansal wrote back, "Firstly, the tweet wasn’t about you. Secondly, there are things that happened after the film that left me more than hurt. It made me sorely regret making the film. All said and done you remain a fine, fine actor. And you have my respect for that. And for your kindness."

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