Singer Kumar Sanu lent his voice to several songs of film, Saajan Chale Sasural, which starred Govinda, Karisma Kapoor and Tabu
Singer Kumar Sanu lent his voice to several songs of film, Saajan Chale Sasural, which starred Govinda, Karisma Kapoor and Tabu

Kumar Sanu: Even if Saajan Chale Sasural songs are recreated, it won’t affect the legacy of the film’s music

As Saajan Chale Sasural completes 25 years of its release, singer Kumar Sanu revisits the making of its music, saying that he recorded all the songs for the film late at night
By Sugandha Rawal
PUBLISHED ON APR 11, 2021 01:11 PM IST

It has been 25 years since Saajan Chale Sasural released, and the sounds and melody of the hit film has managed to transcend time, with its bit of peppiness and dash of 90s nostalgia. And singer Kumar Sanu feels the simplicity and relatability factor in the music is the reason behind it.

“I sang maximum songs of the film, and they all were big hits. And yeh tab record kiye the, when we didn’t have much time, and used to record 10 to 12 songs in a day,” Sanu tells us while walking down the memory lane to relive the music making process of the 1996 film.

With Govinda, Tabu and Karisma Kapoor in the lead, the David Dhawan directorial narrated a story of a simple man coming to the city from a village to make a name in the music industry, and gets trapped in the complexities of his relationships. Clearly, music was an integral part of the plot, which was brought alive by music composed by Nadeem-Shravan.

Most of the people still remember the film for songs such as Tum Toh Dhokebaaj Ho, Bye Bye Miss Goodnight, Chahat Se Hai Begani and Dil Jaan Jigar Tujh Pe Nisaar. All of them were sung by Sanu, and he reveals they all were recorded in the silence of night.

“All the songs of Nadeem-Shravan were recorded at night only. My turn used to come after 1 in the night, and I used to go back home after 2-3 am after recording the songs. This is Nadeem-Shravan’s style, that music was made in the day, and songs were recorded at night. Toh uski wajah se humko thodha bhugtna padta tha, but jo bhi hai, jo hum gana raat-raat ko gaye, woh log aaj bhi sunte hain,” says the 63-year-old, with a satisfaction in his voice.

Sanu, who has etched a name in the music book of Indian cinema after giving several memorable hits in the 1990s era, can’t point out at one single thing which has been the driving force behind the successful tunes of the film.

“There was a simplicity, aise gaane jo har log gaa sake. They can hum the tunes. The melody which was created and with the kind of creativity, that is the reason the music is still alive in the hearts of the people,” says the singer, who also credits the lyrics for weaving together a story.

“It not only made it fun, but also relatable for people.Every one could relate to it in one way or another,” he adds.

With the trend of remix and recreation taking over Bollywood in recent times, do you think the songs of the film should be infused with a fresh twist?

“Agar remix bana toh bhi koi farak nahi padta, aur na baane tab bhi koi farak nahi padta. The songs or the popularity of the songs will not get affected. If they plan to make the remix (some day), then it will not affect the legacy of the film’s music,” he says.

In fact, the new generation will be introduced to a thing of past. “Unko pata chalega ke ek gaana aaya tha, aur woh hit hua tha. It is good for us, chahe koi bhi aadmi usko remake kare,” he concludes.

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