Manish Raisinghan has reacted to rumours that he has a secret baby with Avika Gor.
Manish Raisinghan has reacted to rumours that he has a secret baby with Avika Gor.

Manish Raisinghan's wife reacts to secret baby rumours with Avika Gor: 'Bechara kahan bhatak raha hoga'

  • Manish Raisinghan and his wife Sangeita Chauhaan have reacted to rumours of him having a secret child with former co-star Avika Gor.
UPDATED ON JUL 22, 2021 12:13 PM IST

Actor Manish Raisinghan and his wife Sangieta Chauhaan have reacted to the rumours of his secret baby with former co-star Avika Gor. In a joint interview, the couple laughed away the speculation.

Speaking to a leading daily, Sangieta said she would be willing to raise the said baby. "Sambhal ke kahin rakha tha... kahan hai? Mil nahi raha hai, yahin kahin hoga (I had put it somewhere safe. Can't find it now. Must be here somewhere)," Manish said in the interview. At this, Sangieta asked him about a pair of Crocs shoes she spotted at their recent trip. "Kahan chupaya hai tune ye baccha (Where did you hide this kid)?"

"I don't know how the absurd thing even came in and it's really ridiculous. We have been laughing about it. You cannot even acknowledge such a question. Baccha? Abe woh khud bacchi hai yaar. I mean ab badi hogai hai (A child? She is a child herself. I mean, she is older now). She must be 24-25. But secret baccha rakhege kahan? Lockdown mein kidhar chupaege (But where would we keep a secret child in lockdown)," Manish said.

Sangieta added, "Bechara kahan bhatak raha hoga, mujhe dedo. Ek sambhal rahi hu, doosra bhi sambhal lungi (That poor kid must be roaming around helplessly. Give it to me. I am caring after one, will look after another)."

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In another interview, Manish had said, "Avika will always be a close friend. She is in a happy relationship now with Milind Chandwani and it has been more than a year since I got married in June 2020. Sangeita and I laughed about these rumours."

About the rumours that she dated , Avika told RJ Siddharth Kannan, "It's impossible! No way! There were articles like humne bachcha chhupa ke rakha hai (we have a secret child). We are very close, even now. He'll always have a very space in my life. In my journey from the age of 13 till now, he has been the closest friend that I've ever had."

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