Meenakshi Seshadri made her film debut opposite Jackie Shroff in 1983's Hero.
Meenakshi Seshadri made her film debut opposite Jackie Shroff in 1983's Hero.

Meenakshi Seshadri says she 'doesn't know' what's happening in Madhuri Dixit's career

  • Meenakshi Seshadri, who is contemplating a return to Bollywood, has said that she doesn't know what's happening in the careers of her contemporaries such as Madhuri Dixit.
PUBLISHED ON JUN 21, 2021 10:03 AM IST

Yesteryear actor Meenakshi Seshadri has said that she is contemplating a return to cinema after a gap of nearly three decades. After making her debut in the 80s, she emerged as one of the leading female actors in Bollywood. She settled down in the United States after tying the knot in 1995.

In an interview, Meenakshi Seshadri was asked if she wants to emulate the long-lasting careers of actors such as Madhuri Dixit and Shabana Azmi. She said that she isn't aware of what they've been up to.

"I don't know about these actresses, I don't know what is happening in their professional careers, but as for me, I am like a newcomer now," she told a leading daily. "I am starting after a long gap--a sabbatical of 27 years. It will be interesting to see what kind of roles I’ll be offered and what I will accept. I think current filmmakers will want to know what I am like nowadays, what my artistic expression is, before anybody decides to write a script for me."

Meenakshi also spoke about the title of 'ice maiden' that was given to her by the press. She said that she fell ill during an outdoor shoot for her film Hero, because of the weather in Ooty. But the press present on set saw her unwell and gave her the title. "Later on, the name was used for me because I did not have link-ups, boyfriends, or affairs," she said.

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Besides Hero, Meenakshi has appeared in films such as Aandhi Toofan (1985), Meri Jung (1985), Swati (1986), Dilwala (1986), Dacait (1987), Inaam Dus Hazaar (1987), Parivaar (1987), Shahenshah (1988), Mahaadev (1989), Awaargi (1990), Jurm (1990), Ghayal (1990), Ghar Ho To Aisa (1990), Damini (1993), Duet (1994) and Ghatak (1996).

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