Trishala Dutt said that her longest relationship lasted for seven years.
Trishala Dutt said that her longest relationship lasted for seven years.

Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala talks about her longest relationship: ‘Today, he’s married with children’

  • Trishala Dutt talked about her longest relationship and why it ended in response to a question on Instagram. Answering another query, she revealed that she has been cheated on.
PUBLISHED ON APR 25, 2021 08:49 AM IST

Trishala Dutt, the daughter of actor Sanjay Dutt, is a practising psychotherapist and often uses her social media to raise awareness about various issues. On Sunday, she took to Instagram Stories to talk about infidelity, from what makes men and women cheat to how to repair the damage caused. Later, she invited questions from her followers.

One wanted to know if Trishala has ever been cheated on. “Yes,” she answered. Another wanted to know about the longest relationship she has been in. “Just curious, what was your longest relationship that you’ve ever been in? Why did it end?” the Instagram user asked.

Trishala revealed that her longest relationship lasted for seven years. “I won’t get into major details on why it ended but let’s just say we decided to mutually part ways. He was ready for a life at the time I was not and we had many, many differences that accumulated over the years,” she wrote.

“In a nutshell - we both grew apart. It happens. Today, he’s married with children and I wish him all the best,” she added.

Trishala Dutt's Instagram Stories.
Trishala Dutt's Instagram Stories.

Trishala is the daughter of Sanjay and his first wife, the late actor Richa Sharma. She has no plans of following in her parents’ footsteps and becoming an actor.

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Earlier, Trishala had talked about being in a toxic relationship and being treated like ‘trash’. “He quietly isolated me from my friends without me realizing it. Anytime I would go out, I would text him when I got home and he would send me a passive-aggressive text stating ‘oh, someone got home late’ (wink emoji) insinuating maybe I was doing something I wasn't supposed to be doing. Now, please don't come at me and say maybe he was joking around. No. Lol. I know him very well and I know his past. That was a straight up dig thrown at me,” she had written on Instagram Stories.

Trishala said that even though she cut herself off socially to ‘prove’ her loyalty, he continued to treat her ‘like sh*t’. She ended by saying that she has ‘grown’ and ‘learned’ a lot from the experience.

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