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By George! Clooney does it again

At 50, the actor has had absolutely no trouble landing the hottest ladies in the past, but this time he's outdone himself. She's 30-years-old, a former WWE wrestler and hotter than hell...SEE FOR YOURSELF!

entertainment Updated: Aug 11, 2011 20:47 IST
stacy keibler,hot,elisabetta canalis

Stacy Keibler's claim to fame before she met George Clooney was that she could stretch those 42 inch legs of hers fine and long, bend over and enter a wrestling ring like a seductress.

This woman makes George Clooney's smoking hot Italian model ex Elisabetta Canalis look like a washed bedsheet.

George Clooney has gone through a formidable list of women - many haven't been from the same A-list as he is.

Remember Vegas cocktail waitress Sarah Larson. But Clooney's list also includes the likes of Renee Zellwegger, Salma Hayek, Courtney Cox and Lucy Lui.

Recently shot - looking smoking hot at a bikini photoshoot - Keibler can hold her own in front of any of the women on Clooney's list.

She's 5ft 11 inches. She hails from Maryland and was a successful WWE wrestler - outside and inside the ring, the petite blonde was hailed as a 'Weapon of Mass Seduction.

She's even gone on record saying, 'Anybody can go out and buy boobs, but you're either blessed with attractive legs or you're not.'

Clooney's present Stacy Keibler and his past Elisabetta Canalis, in that order

But all the oogling aside, it's been reported that it's not her uber hot body that won Clooney over.

Her witty banter is what did the trick, according to Us Weekly.

'They like each other's sense of humour,' they qoute a source as saying.

Also, Clooney was reportedly pissed off with Canalis for being so press-friendly about their relationship. Keibler, it seems, likes Clooney in their private time the most.

The two met in London and Keibler stayed over for a weekend at Clooney's Lake Como house in mid-July.

First Published: Aug 11, 2011 16:32 IST