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Canada calling for Rahul Bose

The actor is off to Toronto next week where a multicultural film festival will be featuring a retrospective of his films. Shaikh Ayaz catches up with the actor.
Hindustan Times | By Shaikh Ayaz, Mumbai
UPDATED ON JUL 17, 2007 04:09 PM IST

Next week, a multicultural festival in Toronto will feature a retrospective of his films.. here's Rahul Bose in a q ‘n' a with Shaikh Ayaz.

Isn't Masala! Mehndi! Masti!, where you'll be honoured, North America's largest multicultural festival?
That's right. From what I've heard, last year.. you won't believe.. around one lakh people had turned up from all over the world. It's a sort of a forum for South Asians.

How credible is the festival?
(Smiles) The fact that one lakh people visited it last year speaks for itself.

There will be a retrospective of your films. Correct?
Yes. They will screen English August, Thakshak, Split Wide Open, Mr and Mrs Iyer, Pyaar ke Side Effects and Kaalpurush. If I had my way, I'd have added Jhankaar Beats and The Whisperers.

Anyway, The Whisperers may have its world premiere there. Also, there are separate events woven around the festival. There will be a discussion on acting and filmmaking.

I'm also supposed to give a lecture to film students.. and finally, there will be a dinner on the opening night.

Isn't it ironical that although you are getting increasingly popular abroad, in India, awards are hard to come by?
(Laughs) I don't know.. I can't analyse my own work. As for the level of popularity, I'm fortunate that there are takers for my films.. both in India and abroad.

Come on, you are being politically correct. That's not you.
Okay, okay, see, it's very simple.. my work is not in the mainstream. One clear reason is that.. for better or for worse my cinema speaks a different language, it tackles issues that resonate more ferociously abroad.

Honestly, I do think the kind of acting I believe in, goes unnoticed at times. The positive side to the debate is that if I were a 26-year-old man anywhere in the world, I wouldn't have got an English August.

I've heard your Bengali film, Anuranon, is a big hit in Kolkata?
My distributors informed me about that. (Laughs) The first thing they asked me was, "Where's the party, Rahul?" I guess I owe them one.

What's happening to your directorial film?
Ah, that's very much on. I'll start shooting next year. In the meantime, I have Shaurya and The Japanese Wife coming up.

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