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Compromises actors make

Lokhandwala Lad shares his experience with weird people in weird circumstances and how he tried to dodge them. Read on...

entertainment Updated: Jun 28, 2010 15:21 IST
Lokhandwala Lad
Lokhandwala Lad
Hindustan Times

Recently, my life has got even crazier! To say that I don’t understand what’s happening around me would be quite true. I’m kinda stuck between a combination of weird circumstances and even weirder people being thrown at me and I’m like a character in one of those old samurai video games who has to do my best to dodge each and every person and thing successfully. Take for example, this casting coordinator whom I met last week; well, he does not even call himself one, but claims to have contacts and promises he can help you out.

This guy has a direct approach. Almost immediately, he said, “See, in this field to get famous, you will have to compromise. Are you willing to?” I said: “No, I’m not.” Then he said, “Sorry, we cannot be friends.” “Ok! Neither do I want to be friends with you, but you can still promote me for work right?” I asked. What followed was a long discourse on the “different” ways I could "compromise” I could either be on the giving side or on the receiving side (of the compromise). Of course, I would benefit more if I were on the receiving end. It almost became a situation like the scene in that Govinda film, when he keeps on touching Rani Mukherjee, saying, “Can I touch you like this?….Can I touch you like this?”

Of course, this guy wasn’t touching me, but he had all intentions to. All throughout, my mind was behaving like a spoilt child and was crying for an ice cream and not really paying attention to what was happening. After the discourse, he asked, “So, if I just want to touch you now, will you allow me to?” My answer, even before he could finish his question was, “No sorry, but do you know of any ice-cream parlours nearby?” Neither did I find the ice cream nor am I going to get any work from this guy.

To add to all this, I have recently shifted again. This is for the fifth time, and this time I think it’s for a long time, as the place is good…but too expensive. I have been never used to paying such high rents, so these days my mind is going bonkers thinking, where will I get the rent from! Not that I don’t have any money saved, but then it eats up my savings. So bad is my stress that my jaw has started hurting and I’ve started grinding my teeth in my sleep. The doctor says that’s stress. Of course, as a model, that’s good for me as my jaw line is suddenly visible from all the grinding and muscle pull. But the white hair is not good! The copious amounts of grey hair that have suddenly sprung from my scalp are a sure signal that I have to work my way around this stress!

Other guys ask me, “Dude, how did you get that jaw line so suddenly, man?” I reply, “Shift into an expensive house, which you can barely afford.”

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First Published: Jun 28, 2010 13:47 IST