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America’s sweetheart Tom Hanks, on the verge of his next release Angels and Demons, sequel to The Da Vinci Code talks movies, Obama and Bollywood with Damini Purkayastha.
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Updated on Apr 27, 2009 08:33 PM IST
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Hindustan Times | ByDamini Purkayastha, New Delhi

America’s sweetheart Tom Hanks, on the verge of his next release Angels and Demons, sequel to The Da Vinci Code talks movies, Obama and Bollywood with Damini Purkayastha.

A lot of fans found Angels and Demons, the book, more satisfactory than Da Vinci Code in terms of plot and crisis. Do you agree? How do you feel the audiences will react to this movie?
Hmm.. a difficult one! I guess both the books have their own charm and charisma. Comparing them on any basis will not be justified.

The Da Vinci Code’s plot and crisis were equally thrilling as that of Angels and Demons in terms of plot and all. But I am sure this movie will outperform the magic of The Da Vinci Code even though it’s the readers who have made Da Vinci Code, selling 81 million copies in 51 languages till date.

Something similar was the case with the film despite so many controversies. Look, I am sure the way people have given us their response and warmth till now and have appreciated our work, they will do the same with my movie Angels and Demons too.

It will in no way disappoint them as every sequence will be full of excitement and adventure. It will truly be an enthralling journey for the viewers all over the world. Fingers Crossed!

Reports suggest that the Vatican is planning to ask people to boycott the film. The Da Vinci Code was also a point of contention with the Vatican. How do you feel about controversies? You think they miss the point of artistic endeavor and blow things out of proportion?
I believe everyone, including the Church, will enjoy the movie for what it is: an exciting mystery set in the awe-inspiring beauty of Rome.

On an optimistic note, every person has the right to give personal opinion and hold his view regarding an issue. A commendable subject is always praised if it is well made.

I understand that there are some agitations and repercussions relating to the film but I assure that the film is really going to pacify all the misconceptions and win accolades.

We had not and would never want to hurt anyone’s emotional or religious sentiments. The film is hard work from our end; rest depends upon the audiences and their views. I hope they like it and in case if we have to face the wrath this time too, what option do we have?

Post the Slumdog Millionaire magic, is India being talked about a lot in Hollywood?
Yes of-course..I have heard a lot about Slumdog Millionaire. It is very much appreciated in Hollywood as well as in the other parts of world too and since it has won the Oscars, the film has set a benchmark.

Infact its Oscar-winning streak was something really amazing and it must have been one of the biggest dreams come true for Danny for sure.

Have you ever been to India? Would you ever like to visit ?
I am sorry but not yet. I would surely like to feel the pleasant vibes of this colourful country with such diverse cultural background with thousands of years of history behind it. I would love to see its coast and the palaces.

But would surely study its history and geography in depth before visiting, so I know what to explore and take back as memories.

Indian restaurants are a craze the world over.. have you ever tried any Indian food? Do you have any favourite dishes?
Yes.. I love Asian food be it Thai, Malaysian, Chinese or Indian but what I like most of them is my favourite chicken curry with some white rice …

You were a very vocal supporter of President Barack Obama throughout the election campaign. Where were you when he won? How do you feel now that he is in power.. is this the right direction for America?
I have offered my support to our honorable president Barack Obama in the form of an endorsement video on his MySpace page. That very moment was really magnificent when the result of presidential elections was out. Barack Obama is a superb human being with immense intelligence, I have always supported him and will do the same in near future too.

For the entire American community to have him as their representative is a matter of pride. I am sure that he will prove to be a savior for the Americans. I was in US when he had won the elections, but couldn’t meet him immediately since I was stuck with commitments. But yes if you saw, I did participate in Obama’s inaugural ceremony and also delivered a speech there.

The moment was magical enough to give myself the self-satisfaction— I knew that we have got the man, who would bring in the change we all require.

Have you ever seen a Bollywood film? What is your take on the spectacular nature of Indian cinema?
Actually, I haven’t seen any Bollywood movie yet. So commenting on its nature is not an appropriate gesture but I know one thing that Indian film industry is currently worth about US$ 1256 million so nobody can ignore it. Every one wants to work here… current examples.. you know better than me.

You must have met some Bollywood actors and actresses, like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan for example. Can you tell us a little bit about whom you’ve met and how you felt about them?
Have met many but can’t pronounce the names well. I believe they are a brilliantly talented bunch of artistes out they are doing a fabulous job and entertaining the masses.. I think they have a great fan following.

Their fan base is not just restricted to particular country for sure. Apart from the actors from India, even our industry has a few actors of the Indian origin and I have met them too.

What I found in common in all of them is one thing, their humbleness, and yes, Namaste (correct me if I am wrong) is what I have learnt till now.

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